Games similar to Rust for mobile. Will you manage to survive?

Rust is a survival game launched several years ago for the computer and that has become one of the favorites of several Spanish streamers and many players, becoming a phenomenon of its time that continues to be a hit today. You may have seen several videos of other people playing Rust and you want to start this survival adventure, but you want to do it from your mobile.

For this reason, we are going to tell you about some alternatives to the famous survival game so that you can download and enjoy them from your mobile.

Games similar to Rust for mobile

Raft Survival – Ocean Nomad

This is one of the most interesting alternatives to Rust, since you are in an adventure survival game on a raft in the ocean, in which you will have to fight enemies, make weapons, items and explore new territories and uninhabited islands. A game of survival and exploration in which you will enjoy to the fullest due to the large number of adventures that await you.

raft survival

remember that you must survive in the post-apocalypse and overcome your dangers in the ocean. It is a realistic 3D HD game with hundreds of weapons and items in which you will have great possibilities to achieve your goals.

Last Island of Survival

This is a multiplayer survival game where many hours of action and adrenaline await you. You are on a remote, post-apocalyptic island where your only goal is to survive. There are many threats that will stop you, so don’t think it’s easy. Your hunger, other players waiting for their chance, dehydration and many mysterious dangers are some of the things that can stop you.

last island

Therefore, you will have to build your bases, gather resources, craft handmade weapons and much more. You will also have to prevent them from taking your loot. This remote island once full of civilization now only has ruins, people walking around covered in blood and military helicopters. And you, of course. Explore the secrets of the island and discover more about the mysterious laboratory in the center of it.

Forest Survival

This is another survival game that takes place on an inhabited island . A character has fallen on the island due to a plane crash and must find shelter, food and defend himself from the native cannibals.

forest survival

How many resources you have at your disposal to survive and explore the world, such as its forests and mountains. It’s not very recent and could use some improvements, but you can have a lot of fun with it and that’s why it’s another alternative to Rust to consider.

Survival Island: EVO Rafting

This is another survival game to be highlighted, since the environmental cataclysm of the apocalypse has already exploded and each city is being covered with a great toxic smog making them more and more habitable. The way to avoid it was a special emulsion. The thing is, The Earth Protection Committee formed a task force to discover new Pridium-rich worlds, and you’re a volunteer. You have gone into uncharted territory, but things have not turned out well.

evo raft survival juego

Now you are on an island without water, food, clothes or anything and you must survive as you can to get back home. It’s not going to be an easy mission as you start with nothing and lots of questions. It is a game of construction, survival, hunting and much more in which you will explore the desert, caves and many mysteries.


Minecraft is a game that almost needs no introduction because of how famous it is. It has its differences with respect to Rust, but this does not mean that it is not a good alternative with many possibilities. It can be played on many platforms and one of them is precisely mobile.

minecraft movil

It is a game where you can explore endless worlds and build whatever you want, where you can play in creative mode or defend yourself against dangerous creatures in survival mode. You can enjoy it even with friends. It has many customization options and functions that will allow you to play with it as long as you want so that you can enjoy your adventures to the fullest.

Developer: Mojang