Freak out with these skins of the champions in LoL Wild Rift

Cosmetics have become a fundamental part of video games today. Above all, the skins, which allow the characters to be given a unique and different appearance from the rest of the users. This is exactly what happens with League of Legends: Wild Wift , which has a large number of eligible characters and many appearances.

Riot’s MOBA is one of the most popular games in gaming history. Such has been its scope that the company has made the leap to mobile phones under the name mentioned in the first paragraph. It is true that its release occurred relatively recently, but this is no excuse for offering a wide set of champions with incredible aspects.

these skins of the champions in LoL Wild Rift


The truth is that the appearance of this bull is imposing in its original form, but the character’s cow skin is far from intimidating the enemy.

Alistar LoL: Wild Rift

The cow-shaped costume is extremely ridiculous, but that’s the grace of this look that turns a feared animal into a pretty cute and funny one.


This archer is among the select group of characters that was added at the beginning of the original video game. For this reason, a skin that lived up to expectations was expected.

Ashe LoL: Wild Rift

The darkness displayed by its ‘ Marauder ‘ appearance is intimidating. This, together with the design of her armor, makes her a fearsome character when we see her in front of her.


This android is one of the most powerful champions of LoL: Wild Rift due to its ulti, which gathers all the enemies that are near that ball.

Orianna LoL: Wild Rift

Her cosmic skin ‘Dark Star’ is one of the most desired appearances by users given the spatial theme that surrounds her, since she carries a kind of black hole in her hands. The truth is that it is really threatening.


This character in the shape of a Viking carries a wooden barrel full of beer inside and with which he is responsible for hitting enemies.

Gragas LoL: Wild Rift

With his biker skin, he puts aside his Nordic lineage to adopt a more modern look with a scarf and sunglasses, as well as a beer barrel like the one you can see in the bar below your house.


This LoL: Wild Rift champion has a very attractive appearance in itself, but his ‘Only in Danger’ skin makes him a true outlaw of the Wild West who with his weapons can eliminate any enemy that comes his way.

Jhin LoL: Wild Rift


He is one of the most interesting champions given the versatility of his abilities, which are mainly focused on hitting the opponent and fleeing quickly from any danger.

Vayne LoL: Wild Rift

The appearance of ‘Dragon Slayer’ is impressive in all its splendor, since the helmet in the shape of a dragon head attached to the crossbow that it carries on its back and the rest of its armor composed of scales make it one of the favorites by the players.