10 things you can do with your smartwatch

Popularity precedes smartwatches. These accessories are very useful during the day to day. You can not only witness physical aspects of your body such as the heart rate, but also manage various facets of your phone without having to take it out of your pocket.

Smart watches are numerous, but they are here to stay and more and more people are wearing them. This is due to the infinity of functions that they integrate and that allow you to do all kinds of activities. Whether you just received one as a gift from Kings or if you bought it a long time ago and have not used it too much, here are 10 things you can do with it.

10 things you can do with your smartwatch

Reply to emails

Accessibility is one of the great virtues of this accessory. Thanks to them it is possible to reply to an incoming message to your inbox in Gmail .

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Depending on the clock in question, there is the possibility of answering with a virtual keyboard, phrases suggested by the system or directly using our voice , although for the latter it is necessary to integrate a microphone.

Receive notifications

It is one of the most popular and fundamental uses for which one decides to bet on these wearables. To do this, it is enough to link the mobile to the smartwatch through the Bluetooth connection.

Furthermore, from the specific application that you use to configure the clock, you can establish which applications should send a notification to the add-on.

Turn on the light

In the event that you have lighting in your home through smart bulbs, you should know that you can control them with your watch.

All you have to do is link both devices and just by touching the screen the light will turn on. It should be noted that this entails a higher energy expenditure.

Take a look at the time

In the same way that your own terminal can display weather information with widgets, your smartwatch can also do the same without much work.

With the indicated applications you can check the weather forecast with a simple touch.

Control the music

Another of the most common uses of these accessories. If it is connected to your phone, you can play music and control various aspects related to it from the watch.

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If it has a built-in speaker, it can also sound through it, although the audio quality is clearly different.

Measure your sports activity

Smartwatches have multiple tools to monitor information related to our physical condition , such as a heart rate sensor or a pedometer.

This faculty guarantees to keep track of the progress of the most common sports activities and even others less known depending on the model. This is the main reason why many people who exercise bet on them.

Answer calls

This property is entirely dependent on whether the device has a built-in microphone and speaker . If yes, you can answer incoming calls with the smartwatch.

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The sound quality will not be as optimal as it happens with a mobile. So if we are in a place with abundant noise, you may have to resort to the more classic option.

Pay without complications

NFC technology is undoubtedly one of the great technological advances of the 21st century. Its use was not common, but after the pandemic contactless payments have spread globally.

The operation is identical to that of a smartphone. Simply download the application for NFC payment (Google Pay or Apple Pay) in the plug-in and enter your bank card details.

Never get lost

The use of GPS is quite common today. Above all, to go to places that we have never visited before and whose location we do not know.

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In the same way that we use the terminal, a smartwatch can do exactly the same by downloading the appropriate map application for the specific model. The most normal thing is that the smartwatch guides you with short sounds that will indicate the direction.

Save battery

Last but not least, putting your glove on a smartwatch will not only allow you to do all of the above and much more , you can even save your own mobile battery.

This is really simple. As much as the connection via Bluetooth involves a drain on energy, the fact of not using it for practically nothing means that its duration will be much longer.