Fitise Review: Features of this Free Sports App for Android

fitise-appKeeping track of the physical activity that is done is something that is increasingly common among those who have a smartphone. The terminals have become vital elements for this, for which you have to use a good application such as Fitise . We show what this development offers and, therefore, what can be expected of it.

This work is designed quite specifically for those who usually go for a walk or run on a regular basis and, therefore, have a fairly effective control of what is done, so, for example, data is obtained both in a way individual of what is done as a historical. And, this last one, allows to generate some reports that, with the passage of time, are very useful since you can see the progress achieved.

One of the things we liked about Fitise is that it does not have a great complication when using it, since everything is quite well organized . Thus, for example, all usage icons are quite large and with very identifying images. In addition, there is no shortage of possibilities such as a useful side menu to access all parts of the application and, of course, the information appears in a very visual way since it uses color codes and geometric elements that allow everything to be recognized. quickly. A good detail is that the development is translated, although it does not correctly detect what you should use and, therefore, you have to access the Settings.

With excellent compatibility and without requiring the use of a terminal with very powerful hardware, a good initial detail is that the user data (such as height and weight) are indicated. In this way, the Body Mass Index is established . From this moment, work options are even generated so that this becomes the ideal that, in short, is what many users are looking for. By the way, even a section called Feed is included in the development where users show some recommendations for the use of work and even when doing sports.

Simplicity of use, one of Fitise’s keys

That is undoubtedly what we liked most about the application we are talking about is that it is not complicated to use it. An example of what we say is that it automatically begins with the collection when it is detected that you are walking or playing sports, so this is quite similar to jobs such as Google Fit. The amount of information is quite wide, since in the lower area both the distance and the calories that have been burned are shown … so you are aware at all times of whether the exercise is positive or not.

With a button that disconnects the tracking, I know when walking or running, it is interesting to indicate that he needed it when detecting the steps once the smartphone is carried over (either in the pocket or simply in a shoulder bag), we really presided Good … The best we’ve tried to date. A good detail in the development is that in the upper area of the interface there is a circle for each day of the week in which you can see if the objectives established in Fitise have been achieved (either walking or running) and, Therefore, if there is success. A good detail this since it is very visual.

The development is not lacking a section in which you can see graphics to review what has been done on a daily basis , where there are color codes are very helpful and, in addition, there are many options in the Settings. Here it is possible from the goals of daily steps; going through the change of the units of measure; or if you want to see in the notification bar a message with the data of the exercise that is performed.

Get the Fitise app right now

If you want to give this development a chance that can be obtained for free in both the Galaxy Store and the Play Store , we believe that you will not be disappointed. With quite wide options and a simple use (and precise, everything must be said), it is one of those little known applications that convince fully and that, therefore, when it is less worth giving it a try.