How to Organize Shortcut Icons on Huawei Phones

organize-icons-huaweiSome studies state that 1 in 3 people access the mobile phone more than 100 times a day, which means that an average of 1 time every 10 minutes is activated. What everyone does each time the screen is lit is another song, but what is certain is that we all go through the status bar several times a day. That small organizer of quick access functions can be modified very easily on Huawei phones.

The status bar is possibly one of the most successful options of the Android operating system. Except for some layer of customization or modification through third-party apps, it is located at the top of the screen and appears when you swipe down. In it we can see the functions we use most on a day-to-day basis and its activation or deactivation.

Organize quick access

However, on many occasions, Android’s default preferences do not fit our needs and changing the order or altering the items that appear in the quick access bar seems fundamental. In Huawei phones we can modify these options easily. Although we have done the task with a Huawei mobile already updated to EMUI 10, it is done similarly in previous versions.

The ones that come by default

To be able to access the status bar and the shortcuts, we must swipe from the top of the screen, that is, where the time, date and coverage of the mobile are seen. At that time we will see the five shortcuts that are configured by default , such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flashlight, Vibration or the option to block or unlock the automatic screen rotation.

huawei barra de estado 03

The ones that are hidden

Now we will have to slide down once more to access the expanded menu of options. Here we will see those that we want to have on hand, but that we will use less frequently. Now we just have to click on the edit button, which is located next to the gear button and gives access to the system settings.

huawei barra de estado 01

Once we have clicked on the button, we will see the option to rearrange the icons. In order to alter this order, we just have to click on the icon we want to move, and move them to the desired position. It is very possible that there are hidden options that we need to put in a more accessible place such as Energy Saving or Reading Mode that dims the screen at night.

Once we have finished the reorganization, click on “Ready” and our new configuration will be saved. The “reset” button returns the icons to their default situation.