NZXT Kraken: the LCD Screen Heatsink for Your PC

The well-known manufacturer of PC cases and accessories, NZXT, has presented a new liquid cooling kit that will attract attention for something more than thermal dissipation. It is called Kraken, and it is a radiator with a heatsink that will give a touch of light and color to the inside of your box as you would never have imagined before.


Lights, Camera and … GIFs!

The Kraken is the most peculiar radiator we have seen so far. The radiator itself does not offer anything that we do not know today, since the aluminum grill itself and the fans are similar to those we can find in any other model of the market, however, the main novelty is in the block of water that is placed on the CPU.

NZXT radiador LCD

As you can see, the dissipation module that is placed in the CPU incorporates an LCD screen that is capable of displaying information as useful as the current temperature of the processor. This information is possible thanks to the NZXT CAM brand software , which monitors aspects such as fan revolutions, system temperatures or the control of lights of the system elements that include it.

But if there is something especially striking is that the Kraken heatsink screen is capable of playing animated GIFs that we load from the software. This obviously will not offer any technical advantage to your team, but it will give a touch of customization to your chassis hard to beat.

Other color modules on the market

The NZXT solution is not the most colorful on the market, although it is possibly the most complex and fun. In the market we can find other solutions of cooling blocks with colored LEDs that give a lot of play to the interior of the chassis, so if you are thinking of including liquid cooling to your equipment and want something striking and colorful, you have many options available.

As you can imagine, the NZXT model is not especially cheap. Its 2.36 inch LCD screen offers a point of customization never seen before in an accessory of this type, so that its exclusivity and originality are reflected in the final price of the product.

On the one hand we have the Kraken Z73, a model with a 360 mm radiator, a model designed for full-sized and half-tower boxes that includes three fans to keep the refrigerant at the right temperature and whose price reaches $ 279.99. If you have a smaller box, we can buy the Kraken Z63, the most compact version with 280 mm radiator and capable of cooling 95W CPUs of TDP. Its price is $ 249.99.