Enable a virtual numeric keypad in Windows 10

Currently we appreciate the compact products, which some of them may lack some features as can happen in this case, that we do not have a numeric keypad, since we thought about it at first or directly needed something smaller, and we had to sacrifice the Keyboard numbering, there are some alternatives available for this, which are somewhat slower than a normal numeric keypad, but an easy solution to the problem we have.

Windows 10 has a virtual keyboard that allows us to type using the mouse. With a small configuration, which we are going to show you, we can enable a virtual numeric keypad in Windows 10 to solve this problem.

Windows 10 on-screen virtual keyboard

The main option we have for this, is to configure the on-screen keyboard that incorporates Windows 10, which we already carry over from previous operating systems, but renewed. It can be a somewhat tedious alternative if we are going to use it a lot and we need to do it quickly, but it can always save us from a hurry or even adapt to it and use it day by day.

Although the most advisable thing is that we use a physical numeric keypad, since in the long run no matter how fast we are with that keyboard, we can always be more with a physical one, and there is a great variety to choose from.

The fastest option to activate the on-screen keyboard of our equipment is by pressing: Control + Windows key + O.

We will see the on-screen keyboard, but to get the numbering of our keyboard which is located on the left side of it we will have to click on “Options” and then on ” Activate numeric keypad “.

Teclado en pantalla 1

Teclado en pantalla 2

Once the previous steps have been done, the keyboard must appear with some other options with which we will have to interact so that the keyboard appears or disappears, for this, we just have to click on “Num Lock” and the numeric keypad will appear.

Teclado en pantalla 3

An option that allows the keyboard is to reduce the window so that we see only the part of the keyboard that interests us in the case that we will need more space on the screen and said space is reduced, it is a feature to be taken into account and quite useful .

We can also configure the keyboard to always appear on the screen in the event that it will be necessary, for this in the configuration tab, it will appear in Blue, the option to do so.

Once we have clicked it will appear like this.

Teclado en pantalla 4

Download third-party virtual keyboard

Another option we have is to download a virtual numerical keyboard or on-screen keyboard from other developers, which will incorporate different functions, which may even be more adapted to our needs, or be more customizable. For this we have several known programs, but of which we will highlight one in particular.

Numpad Emulator

This virtual numeric keypad, which is the best known and used by users, was launched in 2013 and even at the end of 2019 they are still releasing updates of that keyboard.

This keyboard has a minimalist design, but which in turn perfectly fulfills its function, and can be customized, so that it can be operated and used as quickly as possible, and is more comfortable for the user.

teclado virtual

If we don’t like the Windows 10 virtual keyboard, Numpad is an excellent alternative that we can download from the following link.