Best free apps for iPhone and iPad of the week

The weekend is approaching and with it a period that, at least as a general rule, is usually dedicated to rest and leisure. We are aware of this and that is why every Friday we bring you a compilation of paid apps that become free for a limited time. As always, we emphasize that the offer is temporary , so we recommend hurrying to download them before they are paid again in the iOS and iPadOS App Store.

Best free apps on iOS and iPadOS

SmartOffice, the entire Office package in the same app

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This app is a complete document manager in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and any other formats of the Office package. Here you will find a manager that unifies the edition, creation, printing and viewing of all documents in the aforementioned Office package. Without a doubt, it is an app that you can take advantage of and increase your productivity on a daily basis.

WordPack, create images by combining words

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Surely on more than one occasion you have found images in which an object, person or landscape appears that is actually made up of words. This type of creative images are really striking and that is what this app allows you to create images in more than 150 ways from a text or a series of words. The app also has a good variety of text, colors and fonts to make the final results more spectacular.

Ray Watermark, to add watermarks to your photos

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This app gives you the possibility to add watermarks, QR codes, text and images to your photos. It is a very good way to mark your photographs as your own so that the author is always recorded. Its results are very professional and it stands out especially for having a tremendously simple and intuitive interface.

FILTERS: to get movie photos

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It seems that photography apps are taking the majority of this compilation, but it is not surprising that we find offers in apps like this. In FILTERS you will find a handful of filters that will make it look like your photographs have been taken with analog photographs. Some of them incorporate certain colors and imperfections typical of old cameras, something that will undoubtedly give a special touch to our snapshots and make them stand out.

Splite & Malice: the addictive Skip-Bo card game

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This week we highlight a tremendously addictive card game that you can play online with your friends or strangers , we refer to this digital version of Skip-Bo. You will find different challenges that will make you more and more competitive in order to win all 34 achievements and get the first place in the ranking. It also has different levels of difficulty with the goal that you can be playing at a level that is not boring.

Have you tried any of these apps? What do you think? You can leave your impressions in the comment box.