Do you have an iPhone? Do not miss these exclusive apps for iOS

Almost all smartphone manufacturers use Android or some modified version of it on their devices. We say almost all because we cannot forget Apple devices, which have their own operating system. This one is quite different from Android, and it offers some different and unique things. In fact, we have some very interesting exclusive apps for iOS, and we are going to show them to you in this article .

These applications are all very diverse, so it is almost certain that you will find one that will be useful to you in your day to day life. They are all free , although some of the ones you will find offer purchases within the application itself.

Do not miss these exclusive apps for iOS


An exclusive iOS app that you have on your standard phone is Safari, which is the Californian company’s own browser. It works very well, but it does not have its own extension to block ads and other intrusive elements. That’s precisely where 1Blocker comes in .

This ad blocker is great, and despite being free it works very well. With just a couple of taps to configure it we will have it active, and it works like a charm, since it is really Safari that blocks and 1Blocker that gives you the instructions for it .

Developer: 1Blocker, LLC

Tweetbot for Twitter

If you use the social network Twitter a lot, this Tweetbot cannot be missing from your device. It is a fairly advanced client that will allow us to do much more than the basic client that the application itself offers and that is also available for iOS.

With this app we can, for example, filter by keyword or silence a certain one , put notes on a user’s profile so we don’t forget how we met him and create custom widgets to save us time.

Halide Mark II

The cameras of our devices offer us some simple adjustments so that we can improve our photos, but if what we are looking for is to level up, we have no choice but to turn to applications such as Halide Mark II .

With these apps we can achieve an almost professional result with the photos that we take with our iPhone thanks to the large number of adjustments that we have to make. The app is paid, but it offers a seven-day free trial to see if it convinces us.


Apps like Google Maps may normally get the most attention when it comes to navigation apps, but we can’t forget that Apple has its own , and it actually works quite well.

Maps (or Maps as it is called in English) will allow us to go to our destination without detours or without getting lost, in addition to that it also has 3D maps that will allow us to see real-time traffic and descriptions of emblematic places.

Developer: Apple


If you like podcasts, Overcast shouldn’t be missing from your iPhone. This application will allow you to listen to podcasts from all corners of the world from the same application, with very good sound quality and without having to wait for it to load (yes, with some advertising along the way ).

One of the best things that Overcast allows us to do is download podcasts so that we can listen to them whenever we want , even without an Internet connection. We can also create playlists with smart filters and even receive notifications every time there is a new episode to listen to.

Bobby – Track Subscription

Keeping accounts is something essential nowadays, and something that we do not usually take into account when we do it are the monthly subscriptions that we have already become accustomed to paying, such as Netflix or Spotify.

For this, Bobby is ideal, since it is an application designed so that we have all our paid subscriptions controlled. We will be able to enter the conditions of each subscription, its expiration period or also create alarms in Bobby so that he notifies us every time we have to pay one .

time page

Today it is key to have a good organization of our day to day if we do not want to leave anything behind. A good application for this is Timepage , one of the most recognized exclusive apps that we can find within the entire Apple App Store.

With it we will be able to establish all the appointments or events that we have planned, and we will receive things as useful as daily weather forecasts from it . The app even allows us to establish Zoom, Facetime, Teams or Skype meetings in it and access the call in question by simply clicking on it.