Not all unlimited data is the same: beware of super offers

One of the main claims that operators have to try to attract mobile phone customers is the offer of unlimited data. Being able to browse without limits is a lack of concern for those who make a lot of mobile use, especially away from home and disconnected from WiFi. However, you have to look beyond the prices at which these rates are offered, because the difference may be in the fine print.

We are going to see what additional conditions some of the main operators in the country offer in those supposed “infinite gigabytes”. Above all, we are going to look at the rates that orbit the price of 20 euros and see how they differ.

Not all unlimited data is the same


All Orange unlimited data rates include browsing speed at maximum 5G speed (up to 1 Gbps). The cheapest rate for unlimited gigabytes, the Go Up , is compatible with video playback only at HD quality. It currently has a price of 35.95 euros/month (promoted at 50% for the first 3 months at 17.98 euros/month). You can use up to 20 GB when roaming.



On the other hand, the next unlimited data rate, Go Top , does offer both 5G speed up to 1 Gbps and mobile streaming with 4K quality. This is priced at 45 euros per month with a 50% promotion for the first three months, at 22.50 euros/month. This time around, you can use up to 27 while roaming.


Movistar’s unlimited data rate is the Infinite Contract . This has a reduced price of 19.98 euros for the first three months (subsequently to 39.95 euros/month). On this occasion, the operator does not establish any type of limitation if we take a look at the conditions of the rate, only for shared data.

movistar ilimitados

Unlimited Movistar

«Includes unlimited data at maximum speed, which you can use for your videoconferences or telecommuting. Incompatible with shared data”.

Again, we will be able to navigate not only without worrying about the number of data consumed, but also about the speed that will be necessary even for videoconferences, where a lot of upload and download data is consumed every second.


Vodafone offers several alternatives in its unlimited data rates, since it also allows you to choose the maximum browsing speed, which is reflected in the price. Its cheapest unlimited rate, Vodafone Unlimited Essential , has unlimited gigabytes, but at a speed limited to 2 Mbps (what Vodafone considers “average speed”), which can be used for social networks and listening to music without a problem, but it can be insufficient to watch streaming without cuts.

Clientes Vodafone


This currently has a promotional price of 17.49 euros for the first 3 months, 50% compared to its subsequent price of 34.99 euros per month. Includes unlimited calls, Vodafone 5G coverage if you have a compatible terminal and roaming included in the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States. It has no permanence. Another alternative with permanence, in exchange for a period of 12 months and contracting from the My Vodafone app, is 12.50 euros per month during the first year.

If you need a little more speed, especially for video content, the next speed range is the Vodafone Unlimited Advanced with unlimited gigabytes, but at a speed of 10 Mbps (high speed, depending on the operator) at a price of 19.49 euros for the first three months, at half price from the usual 38.99 euros per month. Like the previous one, it does not have permanence per se, but it can be contracted from the app with this mandatory period and lower the price to 14.50 euros per month.

To get unlimited data at maximum speed, you would have to go to the Unlimited Plus Mobile Rate , which does offer the maximum 5G speed (unlimited data at 1 Gbps download and upload). For this other alternative, the price goes up to 23.49 euros per month for 3 months (without permanence) or 19 euros per month for one year (with permanence). The price outside promotions is 47.99 euros.


Yoigo has the Sinfín Infinite GB mobile rate that allows us to have unlimited calls but also infinite gigabytes. Here there are no limitations in terms of speed: we have speed up to 5G, although the problem seems to be in video compression. As stated in its conditions:

“The data service is provided on networks with speeds up to 5G. Yoigo will try to provide a resolution and speed optimized for the consumption of multimedia services on mobile devices (minimum quality approximate to that of a DVD).

Tarifa Sinfín GB infinitos de Yoigo

Yoigo’s endless GB rate

The Infinite GB Infinite rate is currently on promotion for the first 3 months at a price of 20 euros per month with speed up to 5G. Later it would rise to 26.40 euros/month for the following 9 months and then 30 euros per month from the time you complete your first year. It has no permanence, so you can move whenever you want.