Best Waterproof Gadgets that You Can Take Into the Bath with You

bath time

Bath time is likely one of the most relaxing times that we have in our days. Sure, we could get the washing part done with only one quick shower – but it wouldn’t be as satisfying. With that in mind, as relaxing as it can be to soak in the water during a long bath, it can also get a little boring after a while.

Most of us don’t take our phones or other electronics with us for fear that they will get damaged by the water. This is why “waterproof” is the most important aspect to consider here. You can relax in the bath at ease, without worrying that the water or steam will damage your things. Here are some good examples of gadgets that you’ll just love to use during your baths!

1. Waterproof eBook Reader

You might not want to take your books to the bath, because the water might damage the paper pages. With that in mind, no one said anything about eBook readers. There are quite a number of waterproof eBook readers out there, such as the Tolino Vision 3 HD, which can allow you to read your favorite book while you are taking a nice and comfy bubble bath.

2. Waterproof Bath Timers

While we may want to soak as long as we can in the bathroom, we don’t always have the time to waste one or two hours in the tub. If you use a relaxing scent, such as the Joy Organics CBD bath bomb, you may lose track of time. The bath timer will alert you when it’s time to hop out of the bath so that you do not linger there all day, so to speak. The bath timers provided by Dretec are a very popular choice. 

3. Waterproof Shower Notes

Haven’t you ever had a brilliant idea while you were taking a bath, only to lose it the moment you stepped out of the tub? A good idea should never go down the drain, which is why you may want to consider bringing a waterproof pad with you. Aqua Notes has a waterproof pad, and you may use this smart gadget to scribble down the good ideas you have before they slip away. 

4. Waterproof Bath Mirror

Perhaps you want to put on a face mask while taking a bath, or you want to multitask and shave your beard as well. The problem with using a regular mirror is that they can get very foggy in the steam, and that doesn’t work very well in your favor. The Ettori Foggles shower mirror can be used in the bath, and you may use the lock suction cops to attach it to the tiles next to you with ease.

5. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A good waterproof speaker with an IPX level of over 8 should be able to work even if it is submerged underwater. For better sound quality, you may want to put it on the shelf next to you or at arms length, but the idea is that even if you drop it in the tub, it should be just fine. 

The Hipe waterproof speaker should prove quite convenient, as you may use the music on your phone without actually touching your phone. With that in mind, any speaker with an IPX8 rating should work just fine. There are quite a number of models that actually have suction cups, so that you don’t accidentally drop them into the water. Again, it’s no problem, but the water will muffle the sound.

6. Bathtub Bubble Massage Mat

If you truly want to experience a spa-like bath, then you might want to get a massage mat for your tub. A truly convenient gadget is provided by Serene Life, one that can massage your neck and keeps you warm and cozy as you read an eBook during your bath. 

Even if the product gets wet, it’s 100% waterproof and fully submersible – which means you may turn your bathroom into your own spa center. There are several types of bath massagers that you can choose from including fixed or hand-held. Foot massagers for bathtubs are also available.

7. Waterproof Phone Case

Let’s say that you really want to take your phone with you into the bathtub, but you are afraid of it drowning and dying. Well, in that case, you should give it its own diving suit. Many phones nowadays have a waterproof system (especially the ones with in-built batteries), but you may not want to risk it.

There are quite a number of waterproof phone cases that you can even mount on your wall, such as the CaOJing Case. These cases will not only protect your phone in case it accidentally decides to take a swim, but it also prevents fogging from ruining your display clarity.

8. Waterproof TV

You already probably have a TV in pretty much every room in your house – so why not bring one into the bathroom as well? A great gadget for this purpose would be the Haocrown smart bathroom TV with a touchscreen system. While you may not submerge them in the bathtub with you, you can easily install it on the wall over your bathtub. There’s no better place to watch the next episode from your favorite Netflix series than from the bathtub.

9. Underwater Bath Light

Feel like throwing a party in your bathtub? Well, there are quite a number of disco lights that you can put in the shower or the bathtub, that will shoot neon lights throughout the entire room. The Amadear floating lamp will do exactly this for you. Whether you dance in the shower or just like watching a light show as you soak, this tool will certainly make things a lot more interesting. 

The Bottom Line

Who said baths have to be gadget-free? Sure, you can relax – but if you want to cut the boredom away with a gadget, there are plenty available for you. Whether you want to read a book, watch a Netflix series or simply get a massage, there are several options that may prove attractive to you.