Best Covers to Protect Your Mobile Phone from Water on the Beach

We have just started the month of July, perhaps the most summery month of the year, in which we usually spend the most heat, and of course one of our favorites to go on vacation. And talking about them is talking about the beach and the pool. Places of maximum risk for your mobile, something you can avoid with these covers.

It is known to all that unless our phone has some type of certification to be able to resist water, contact with it by the terminal is one of the worst things that can happen to it, so it is better to be cautious and be well prepared to the beach.

Avoid water on your mobile at all costs

Our phone must always be away from water, unless it has an IP68 certification , which will allow you to immerse yourself in it with a depth of up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. But the vast majority of phones do not have it, and therefore can be easy prey for water, which can be really devastating with our phone if we are not careful.

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Water damage is the worst that our phone can suffer, since although at first glance the feeling that our phone has not suffered water damage, if it is deposited between the components, in the long run it can be something catastrophic. That is why it is so important to avoid water at all costs. More so if it is seawater, since the saltpeter will accelerate the oxidation process of the components of our phone if it is not properly isolated. So taking into account and very clear that the interaction of our phone with water must be zero, now the important thing is to get a good case that avoids that contact.

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What covers can we turn to?

Unfortunately if our phone is not prepared for water, the options available to protect it are quite limited. But basically we can find two types of mobile phone cases to take to the beach or the pool.

  • Universal plastic bags , in the form of a bag, which allows us to store the phone in a small transparent plastic bag that closes hermetically and protects the phone from the risk posed not only by water, but also by sand from the own beach and all the salt that accompanies them. These covers are suitable for any medium-sized device, since being a simple bag we can put in it not only a mobile, but other devices that we want to protect from water.
  • Specific diving cases: these cases are much more appropriate especially for diving with phones, so that we can take underwater photos without fear that the phone will be damaged by contact with water. They are usually covers made to measure for a model, and have a design thick and watertight enough to adapt to depths of several meters in water without fear for the integrity of the terminal.
  • 360-degree covers: these covers are the intermediate step between the universal bag and between the diving ones, since they offer us a design similar to that of some 360-degree covers that we have described many times, but with the addition that the union of both covers, front and back, is produced by a mechanism that guarantees the waterproofing of the cover. Against them we have that they are covers expressly designed for a certain phone model, and therefore they are not universal.

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Waterproof bags

This type of cover is the most common of those that we can find when we go to the pool or the beach. Since it is a series of transparent plastic bags, which not only allow us to carry the phone protected from water inside, but we can also manipulate them by touch , and use them through the plastic of this case, since it is designed to be you can use the phone normally even when it is inside these bags.

Pack of two bags

In this case we find a pack of two covers of this type. Both are black, have a cord to carry them around the neck attached to a carabiner. The front part is made of transparent plastic, which in addition to allowing us to see what happens on the phone screen, also gives us the possibility of manipulating it. A good pack that offers us the ideal size to introduce mobile phones as large as an iPhone 12 Pro Max . It is IPX8 certified for water resistance.

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Pack of bags of various colors

In this case we find a product that comes in three different color units. These can accommodate mobiles with screens up to 6.9 inches , with a size of up to 85mm x 170mm. It also has a plastic surface that favors tactile manipulation of the phone.

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Diving covers

In this case, we are talking about cases that have been designed specifically for a certain phone model, mostly. We generally find models for the most popular mobile phones of the moment, something that happens for example with phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or the iPhone 12. These cases adapt perfectly to the contour and measurements of these phones, and have an insulating material that maintains the tightness at bay, while the terminals can be manipulated with the fingers while we use them.

Universal diving cover

Without a doubt, the great advantage of this case is that it is universal, so we can use it with the majority of mobile phones available on the market. So much so that any mobile up to 6.8 inches can be carried inside. The best thing is that we can continue to use its touch panel, thanks to the sensitive front coating, and also photos can be taken, as there is a fairly wide rear window to which most mobile cameras on the market can adapt.

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IPhone 11 case

This case, as you can see, is specific for the Apple phone. So much so that its contour and physical keypad perfectly fits this model. We can see how there is also a very thick edge, which is what allows the watertight insulation of this phone. In addition, the camera also remains completely protected , allowing you to take perfect photos under water. It is also transparent, so we can boast of its design.

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360 degree case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

This case is very similar to the magnetic ones with a format similar to that found in other compilations and in different stores. The difference in this case is that the joint between the front and back of the phone has material that makes the space between the two cases watertight . In this way, comprehensive protection is achieved, not only for the phone against scratches and bumps, but also against water. In this case, the cover is completely adapted to the top of the range of Koreans.

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