Best CO2 Meters: How They work, Factors

In recent days, some interest in CO2 meters has grown, and the delegation of some regional governments has forced the use of this type of device in the hospitality sector to guarantee perfect air quality. However, many users think that these types of devices are only oriented exclusively for the professional world, and are unaware that they can use one at home to control air quality. But how do they work? Which to choose?

What is a CO2 meter for?

Best CO2 Meters
CO2 meters are small devices that have a series of sensors that are capable of analyzing the air quality of a certain cabin. Thus, it is possible to know exactly the level of CO2 that exists in the environment, since in the case of being high it would mean that there is no recycling of the present air with clean air.

This is obviously related to the risk of contagion of Covid-19, since in indoor environments the level of CO2 could be high, and particles in suspension (aerosols) would be presented that would increase the risk of exposure.

Factors that determine air quality


It is one thing to know what level of CO2 is in the environment, but another to control it. Air quality, and therefore the risk of contagion, will be determined by two factors, emission and exposure.

To reduce the emission , measures can be taken such as reducing the number of people, speaking more quietly, doing relaxed physical activities and wearing tight-fitting masks.

In the case of exposure , some measures that help reduce it are the use of tight-fitting masks, reducing the exposure time in that area or place, increasing interpersonal distance and ventilating or purifying the air, this being a very important point and being related with CO2 meters.

Dangerous CO2 levels

Air purification is a basic measure to reduce the level of exposure and for this it requires ventilation of the room with outside air. Air renewal can be estimated with values that determine the number of air renewal cycles per hour, with 6 cycles per hour being the ideal and less than 3 negative cycles.

An air cycle per hour is considered the process of renewing a volume of air in a room by an identical volume of outside air. This recycling will depend on several factors, such as the number of open windows, the existence of incoming and outgoing current and the number of people present in the room.


Fortunately, technology comes to facilitate these measurements, and that is where CO2 meters come into play. Those interior spaces in which it has had a high presence of people, will have high levels of CO2 if the space has not been adequately ventilated as we have commented previously.

The base reference that must be taken into account to determine if a space has high levels of CO2, is from 420 pm (parts per million) of CO2 concentration that normally exists approximately outside. Indoors, due to the exhalation of CO2 from the people present, this level will rise, hence we are forced to ventilate to reduce the levels. Remember that the better the ventilation, the less the risk of contagion by covid.

What CO2 meter to buy?

Normally all the meters that you can find in the market offer the same characteristics, and will basically differ in the size of the screen, and the number of extra functions they offer, but, in the end, what you will be interested in knowing is the amount of CO2 present in the environment, so the rest is practically secondary. These are some of the interesting models that you could buy:

InLovArts A-0378

Medidor CO2

It is one of the cheapest meters that you can find on Amazon, since it is a simple device with a small support that we can place on any surface to take measurements through its built-in sensor. It has a rechargeable battery and is capable of providing measurements of CO2, HCHO and volatile organic compounds (TVOC), being able to detect harmful chemical substances.

It is a portable model that will allow you to take measurements anywhere, making it ideal for those who want to have the sensor in several places.

KKmoon CO2 meter

Medidor CO2

This model has a design that we can find in other meters on the market. It has an upper air intake that allows monitoring in real time through its high precision sensor. It has a quite striking interface in which the CO2 value stands out to a large extent within the 3.2-inch screen with a large figure, in addition to that we will see a bar of different colors with which to make a quick reading on air quality.

Its internal battery can be recharged through a USB port, and offers extra data such as the outside temperature and the relative humidity of the place.

Kecheer CO2 meter

Medidor CO2

This other model has a more functional design that allows it to be placed anywhere as a digital clock. Its tiny size will avoid attracting too much attention, and on its 3.5-inch screen we will see the clear value of the amount of CO2 in the environment at a glance. Like other models, we can enjoy data such as temperature, relative humidity, date and current time.

Renz Air2color

Medidor CO2

It is one of the most interesting meters we have seen, as it lacks displays and numbers that could complicate the different readings. Instead, an illuminated band will indicate with green, yellow or red colors the level of CO2 present in the environment, being green for less than 1,000 ppm, yellow between 1,000 and 1,400 pm, and red for more than 1,400 ppm, being capable of launch several audible warnings in the event of exceeding 2,000 ppm.

Netatmo NHC-EC

Medidor CO2

This Netatmo air quality controller allows you to have an entire central control unit on your phone, since this interesting product has CO2, temperature, humidity and noise sensors that will send all the records to your phone via WiFi. .