Best Apps to remember taking medications on iPhone

There are many people who, on a day-to-day basis, must take several pills at a variable schedule. This means that in many cases errors can occur in the taking of a treatment or that it is simply taken in a duplicate way. In these situations, you can use your phone in order to notify you whenever you have to take a pill through a notification. We show you the ideal apps to make this happen.

What these apps should have

Best Apps to remember taking medications on iPhone

When choosing the correct application, keep in mind that there will be many to choose from in the App Store. In order to have the best possible option, the following points must be taken into account, which are the ones that will allow you to have the best possible option installed on your mobile:

  • Aesthetics: beyond the notifications that may be received, it must be taken into account that all medications can be controlled through the application itself with the calendars that are normally included. That is why it is extremely important to always have an app with a suitable and attractive aesthetic so that it is not difficult to use on a day-to-day basis.
  • Notifications with information: when we talk about applications that aim to never forget the medication through notifications, it is logical that this is an important point. They always have to have enough information about the medicine to be taken and the appropriate dose. In this way you will always avoid having to always access the application, staying in the notifications to have information about it.
  • Price: one of the key points that should always be taken into account is the price. In the market you can find many options that are free but others are paid. It should always be taken into account if it is worth making this financial outlay for the function that you are going to have on your mobile.

The easiest apps to use every day

As we have commented previously, one of the main characteristics that an application of this style should have is simplicity. Especially if it is going to be used by older people, it is necessary to prevail as long as it does not have extra functions and focuses only on those main ones, which in this case is the notification of the shots. Here we show you the simplest ones.

Medication reminder

Easy to use and reliable application that helps you remember to take your medications at an exact time. It allows you to create any type of recurring reminder, so you don’t have to enter it on a daily basis. That is, if you have to take a pill every Wednesday you should not enter the reminder every day, but you can have a weekly periodicity.

In addition to the reminder you will have many other data such as the amount to be consumed and also what you have left. When introducing the medication, you can set the number of pills in the box. In this way you will receive an automatic notification when your pills are running out to go to a pharmacy.

Medication alarm

In order to avoid the mess of people when taking their medications at different times, this medication alarm has been created. It is an ideal application to be able to keep track of medication doses and receive notifications that you will not forget at any time.

With a first contact you have a really simple configuration since it asks you for the different data in a clear way. You’ll start by adding the treatment start date, triggering alarms, assigning colors to each treatment, or choosing sounds for each alarm. In this way you can have optimal health by taking all the treatments you are receiving.

Bell Pill Reminder

The developers promise to take your medicines at the indicated time without ever forgetting a dose. In this way you can recover quickly, complying with the guidelines set by the doctors. All this without spending a single euro in the application since all the functions are free.

It will notify you at all times when it is time to take the medication, making your life much easier. It must be taken into account that it is indicated for those with chronic diseases who have numerous pills throughout the day and can hardly remember to take a shot at a specific time.

Pill Buddy

The concept that Pill Buddy has is really simple, being suitable for any age. It is especially indicated for those people who are used to mixing different medications or who forget to consume them when it is the correct time. You will have different customization tools to be able to have all the medications organized to your liking.

Thanks to its algorithm, you can always have an automatic record of the amount of medication you take. This means that before it runs out you receive a notification to go to the pharmacy or request a new prescription from the doctor. These and many other data you can always have in the palm of your hand to make a query wherever you are.

TOM: Medication Alarm

Free treatment manager without advertising and anonymous that serves to easily administer any type of treatment at home. The most interesting thing about this application is that it is not difficult at all to use on a day-to-day basis, being able to register any type of medicine in a comfortable way so that you never leave it without taking it. In addition, all your activity will be recorded in different graphs.

So that anyone can enter any medication, a conversation mode is integrated. This makes the application ask you everything you need directly, entering the data in a more enjoyable way than answering a simple flat questionnaire. At a single glance you will be able to access your digital wardrobe through the different reports that are generated in PDF format.

Other options with more health data

But if you are a more advanced user who likes to have much more information added to the simple notifications of drug consumption, in the App Store you will also find several much more complete options. Among these, the registry of different symptoms that you may be presenting and also of incidents when taking this medication stands out. We show you really interesting options below.

Medication Reminder

This is an application that aims to remember at all times when to take a medication and also when to replace it. Likewise, you will also have access to record different health-related data such as blood pressure, glucose levels or the exercise you have done. In this way the doctor will be able to have more complete data to treat you.

You can also have in your hand a diary of symptoms and mood that allows you to record physical and mental well-being. In addition, the developers have wanted to give tools to those disabled people with the integration of the accessibility functions of iOS.

Anticonceptive pill

If you are a woman, this application must be installed on your iPhone. As its name suggests, this service is designed to keep a record of the contraceptive pills that are taken. In an extra way at all times you can have a control of the symptoms that you are having so that you can teach them to your doctor in the periodic check-ups.

It has a really intuitive interface to have information on when to take the contraceptive pill throughout the month. Likewise, 3 contraceptive methods can be configured: pill, ring or patch. The notifications are completely customizable and you can choose the discreet mode to prevent everyone from hearing you.

Medicine Reminders

A really easy option to use since it visually helps to have all the medications organized in the calendar. It is ready to be integrated with Health to record your medications on a calendar and record the process. In this way you will have an automatic synchronization with glucose, pressure, weight or pulse to have all the data concentrated.

You can easily share the progress with your doctor by generating a report with everything you are taking in a comfortable way. But most important of all, you can interact with your whole family by synchronizing all the medicines in one place. This will allow you to have a part for you and another for your child in the event that you manage their shots.

Conclusions of these apps

As we have seen, there are many applications that can be found in the App Store to be able to have a daily reminder to take medication. They fulfill a really important function, since there is a serious problem in society that causes great harm to any patient. The fact of not taking the medication or even mixing the different pills can end up causing the pathology to worsen.

That is why all these applications in general fulfill a vital function. With a simple sound you will be able to have clear information of which medicine you should take at each of the moments. This is something that, above all, can be indicated for those people who have a chronic pathology and also for older people who have enough medicines in their closet.