The Best Alternatives to iVoox to Listen to Your Podcast

iVooxPodcasts have gained a lot of strength, especially during this last year. It is not for less, since the only requirement to listen to a podcast is to have a device that can play it, such as a smartphone or a computer, since most of them are free . The success of this type of multimedia content lies in the variety of topics on which you talk, all kinds and for all tastes, as well as the simplicity of use and creation they have.

Anyone interested in a certain subject can easily get podcasts about it, many times for free. Even thanks to the applications that are emerging in the telecommunications sector, we can produce our own podcast and share it with thousands of people without investing money in it. Among these applications, iVoox has become the most used of all, as it has a huge amount of podcast available for free and also allows you to create your own podcast. Here is a list of applications that are a good alternative to iVoox.

Pocket Casts – Podcast Player

Pocket Casts is perhaps the most used podcast platform after iVoox. It has a very visual and harmonious minimalist appearance, and offers tools within the application such as the possibility of putting an “extra dark” mode to take advantage of the OLED panels of the smartphones that mount them and thus save battery life with total blacks. This app allows you to create playlists, modify the playback speed of the audios, and can even increase the sound of the voices and reduce the ambient sound of the recording. It is certainly one of the best alternatives.

Google Podcasts: Popular and free podcasts

Google has also dared with its own application to listen to podcasts. Google Podcasts for Android is a player with which you can synchronize your podcast with other devices to be able to resume listening if we change places, and even without an Internet connection. Podcasts are free , and many of the options offered by this app can be controlled through the Google assistant of our smartphone. In addition, we will have personalized recommendations based on our tastes.

Spotify: music and podcasts

The best known streaming music player in the world also allows us to listen to our favorite podcasts. Within the Spotify app, we have a section exclusively to listen to podcasts of our favorite theme. We can follow many of them that we find interesting, as well as create lists and download them to be able to listen to them later without having a Wi-Fi connection. This is a great alternative, as we can interpolate between our music and our favorite podcasts quickly.

Developer: Spotify Ltd.
Price: Free

Podcast Republic

Podcast Republic is an application that allows us to listen to the radio and podcast . We can choose between more than 600 thousand podcasts and more than 40 million episodes . This app allows us to import files such as audiobooks and synchronize it with YouTube or Soundcluod channels, as well as with other social networks and blogs. It supports different types of networks and allows importing and exporting lists using the OPML format. In addition, it incorporates interesting functions such as a timer , variable playback speed, and even allows you to equalize the audios.

Podcast & Radio Addict

Podcast Radio is an application that allows us to incorporate multiple radio effects such as varying the playback speed, increasing and decreasing the background volume to clarify the audio of our podcasts and also includes interesting functions such as a random mode, loop reproductions and a timer . It is also compatible with Chromecast and SONOS, and you can restore our subscriptions with an OPML file compatible with other apps.

TuneIn Radio

With TuneIn Radio we can enjoy a multitude of multimedia content in a single app. Among many of its virtues, TuneIn allows us to play music and radio live , as well as listen to games of our favorite sports in streaming and of course, podcast. It has an extensive library with almost 6 million podcasts and more than 100,000 radio stations worldwide. This app is free, although there is a paid subscription that unlocks some additional features such as listening to Fox news.

Developer: TuneIn Inc
Price: Free


AntennaPod is a podcast player and manager that offers millions of free and paid podcasts. It allows you to import lists through OPML files or social media URLs. In addition, it allows you to manage your podcast downloads and automate the process of automatically downloading and deleting episodes from your playlists. This app is free and does not contain advertising .

Developer: AntennaPod
Price: Free

Podcast Go

This application allows us to download the episodes of our podcasts and listen to them without an Internet connection , discover interesting recommendations , create playlists, adjust the playback speed and even have a timer for when we go to sleep. It is a fairly complete app with a very simple interface.

Price: Free

Anchor – Create your own podcast

Anchor is a very interesting application. This app allows us to listen to our favorite podcasts like any other app on this list, but the difference is that Anchor focuses more on creating podcasts so that it is a simple process for the user. It allows us to record with the microphone of the mobile or with an external microphone, and then offers us an audio editor to be able to mount our podcast easily and without complications. This is one of the most interesting applications on the list, to consider if we are interested in podcasting.


Himalaya is a very complete podcast player that offers us a multitude of podcasts to choose from more than 20 million free programs and about 30 different categories. We can add podcast in any language, including news and sports . In turn, it has functional tools such as timer, dark mode, personalized recommendations, downloads and episode management, and also allows us to publish our own podcasts and share them with everyone.