The Best Apps to Use WhatsApp on the iPad 2019-2020

It seems that WhatsApp is having a hard time having an iPad-ready application and it is something that is certainly very annoying if we work daily with the Apple tablet. This can undoubtedly be one of the reasons to opt for Telegram since it is cross-platform. While working on this issue from Facebook, we must comply with third-party applications found in the App Store.

We must keep in mind that these applications are not official but they are safe. What most people do is go to the WhatsApp Web page that we can use in our browser, so we must always have our mobile phone nearby to maintain contact.

Do you want to use WhatsApp on the iPad? These are the best apps.

Messaging for WhatsApp

This is an extremely simple application to use since it mimics the interface that we can easily have in the MacOS desktop version of WhatsApp. When you run it for the first time we will see a QR code on the screen . We simply have to take our iPhone and when entering WhatsApp we will see at the bottom the ‘Settings’ tab. Once here we will select s ‘WhatsApp Web / Desktop’ to open the camera and make a scan of the QR code that appears.

WhatsPad Chat

MultiTab for WhatsApp, ideal if you have multiple accounts

As in the previous case, this application has a similar operation having to scan a QR code as soon as you start the app. The operation is really good despite the presence of some ads we can record audios, download photographs, send a location … The difference lies in its paid version that includes some very interesting features. Among these we can highlight the possibility of connecting up to 4 WhatsApp accounts at once or make the ads disappear. Also, if privacy is very important for you, you can block access to the application with Touch ID or Face ID.

Developer: Henrique Velloso
Price: Free

PadChat for WhatsApp Messenger

It is certainly difficult to differentiate in the world of messaging applications since there are many similar ones. On this occasion PadChat has a similar operation through a photograph to a QR code from our mobile to make it work. Unlike others this application will allow us to respond to messages quickly through the notification that comes to us when the iPad is locked. It is true that the notification system is also much superior and we like it more than in other apps.

padchat ipad

WhatsApp Messenger, the official way to have WhatsApp on iPad

If you do not trust these third-party applications, you can always resort to using the web version of the service that will give us an experience similar to the one we have in the applications. Obviously this will force us to have a browser tab always compromised while the applications are extremely comfortable. We simply have to go to Safari at the web address and following the same process take a picture from the iPhone to the QR code that appears on the screen to access our chat on the iPad.

WhatsApp Web iPad