How to Avoid Taking Crooked Photos with Your Mobile

crooked-photo-11As our mobiles see their photographic capabilities grow, it is important that we get to understand certain basic aspects that will allow us to achieve better results. There are several tools that a smartphone incorporates, and which aim to help the photo come out as well as possible.

We have already seen on other occasions tips to take better photos, for example how to take better photos with the Professional Mode on Huawei phones . Today we want to take a step back, since the approach, prior to the shot, requires a minimum of attention before worrying about other parameters. One of the most common mistakes (in addition to blurry photos ) is to take a crooked photo , even though we had the perception of correctly pointing to the target.

Crooked photos

This is something that happens even in the professional field, as we have seen today in the delivery of portfolios of the new team of ministers of the Government of Spain. Either by haste or because the pulse has played a trick on us , it is very common that the results obtained are that of a crooked photo. The importance of avoiding crooked photos is taken into account even by well-known applications that seek to pamper the result, such as Instagram, that just by touching an image that we are going to upload, you will see a grid with which we can straighten the image, in case if necessary.

Casa Real foto torcida

Activate the grid

Now we have some tools that can help us make a good framing and that will avoid wasting time in a later edition. We can ensure that virtually any mobile we buy today, has the grid tool, which is found in the options within the camera application. It is an ideal method so that our photos do not come out crooked.

When activating this option, the viewfinder will show horizontal and vertical lines, which will allow us to have greater precision in the composition of the image prior to shooting. Once we activate this option, it should be available whenever we open the camera app , although it can be deactivated whenever we want, in the same way. Professional reflex cameras have methods that are not yet available on our phones, such as electronic levels capable of accurately indicating the position of the camera.

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Use a tripod

If, in addition to using the grid, we use a mobile tripod, we will be much more likely to achieve the desired result. There are a lot of tripods, with varied prices and more or less technical options , but they will stabilize the mobile before shooting. In the link that we leave just below you will have a good amount of tripods compatible with most mobile phones on the market.

tripode movil

Edit Image

In case we find crooked photos, we can always try to edit the image to correct the fault. There are hundreds of applications to do so. We leave you just below one of our favorites, since it allows the editing of an image that has been crooked, making adjustments at any point of the image in order to make the photo more colorful.

Foto torcida

Download Photo Editor on Google Play