LG SL5Y Sound Bar with HiFi 60 Euros Discount

LG-SLY5-4One of the big problems that Smart TVs have today is their limited auditory landscape. Yes, the minimalist design of today’s televisions has meant that they simply do not have space to house speakers in conditions. Luckily, there is a great solution. More, now that you can buy the LG SL5Y Sound bar with a discount of 60 euros.

It is very important to know how to choose a sound bar when buying this accessory for your living room. Either because you are going to use it to listen to music on a regular basis, as if you are looking for a solution to complement your smart TV, this LG model will fully meet the expectations of any user. More than anything because, it is very powerful and offers all kinds of technologies with which you can enjoy superb hearing quality.

barra Sonido LG SL5Y

Hi-Fi and surround sound: the weapons of the LG SL5Y Sound bar

In terms of design, we find a model that offers a design that will make it one of the great protagonists of your living room. Because, we must recognize that the LG SL5Y, and its aluminum finishes, give this device a really premium look. Note that, in addition to offering noble finishes, this sound bar offers an LED screen where we will see different data about the content we are playing.

At the level of connectivity , this LG SL5Y Sound bar has everything you need to meet the needs of any user. Yes, it has optical output, USB input, HDMI output compatible with EARC (so you can connect this bar to your Smart TV and control the volume with the remote control). And, how could it be otherwise in a device of this type, it also has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can pair the LG SL5Y with your phone to pass the sound directly.

barra Sonido LG SL5Y de lao

And what about the technical characteristics of this LG SL5Y Sound bar, with enough power to meet the sufficient requirements in any room. We will start talking about the 400W of power that this solution offers. To this, add a wireless subwoofer that will be in charge of getting really powerful and profuse bass.

Don’t you think it’s enough? Let’s see the technologies offered by this LG sound bar. For starters, it has high resolution sound. Yes, a Hi Res solution to offer an acoustic landscape of height thanks to its frequency rate of 96 kHz with a depth of 24 bits. The icing on the cake is put on the support for DTS Virtual: X, which will allow you to simulate a truly achieved surround sound, and that will make you enjoy your favorite movies and series like never before, taking full advantage of its three front speakers and the subwoofer Which incorporates.

In short, a sound bar that will meet the needs of the most music lovers. In addition, taking into account the 26 percent discount, which will allow you to save 60 euros when buying this model, it is one of those bargains that you should not miss.