The Best Websites to Download Free Software Safely

download-software-10Internet downloads are one of the main ways of infection of malware and unwanted software. In addition to avoiding downloading pirated or dubious reputation files, we always recommend that, when downloading programs for our PC, we do so from their official websites. This is undoubtedly the best way to keep us safe, make sure to download the latest version of the programs and avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Always going to the official websites we ensure that the programs have not been modified to hide threats. In addition, we will make sure that we are downloading the latest available version, and also that it does not install adware on the PC (as long as the developers have not done it on purpose).

However, it is true that searching web by web can be complicated and tedious. Therefore, there are web pages that allow us to find virtually any type of program or application for our PC and download them easily. Of course, we must be careful with the websites from which we download the software if we do not want to have to pay dearly.

The best websites to download free and adware-free software safely



If we are looking for a website with high quality applications, MajorGeeks is one of the best. On this website we will find all kinds of quality freeware programs. Its publishers verify that the downloads are legitimate, reliable and secure before offering them to users.

Its main limitation is that, being limited to very high quality applications, and many of them even technical, some programs may not find them. But yes, everything we find in this portal will be full trust.

We can access MajorGeeks from the following link .



FossHub is another alternative to download free software safely. This website is designed to host and allow us to download all kinds of free and open source programs, although we can also find some options that, although they will always be free, are proprietary, closed source.

In addition to offering free applications, this website is against pop-ups and all kinds of potentially unwanted adware or software. Everything we download from their servers (the download is direct, no intermediate downloaders) will be reliable.

We can access FossHub from the following link .



Softpedia is what was once Softonic in Spain. This is one of the largest sites where we can find virtually any type of program. Its database has about one million registered programs, it has a powerful and simple software search engine and the downloads, in addition to being verified and reliable, are updated.

We can access Softpedia from the following link .



If we have ever downloaded Ccleaner (before its decline), we surely know FileHippo. This portal has more than 200,000 applications for Windows, macOS and Linux and allows us to download the latest versions easily.

The installers of all these programs are free of adware and unwanted software. In addition to being able to find the latest versions of the software, it has a history of versions that allows us to download, if we want, an old version of a specific program.

We can access FileHippo downloads from the following link .

Download Crew

Download Crew

Although its interface may not be the prettiest or the easiest to use, Download Crew is also one of the best download portals from which we can find all kinds of free programs for Windows.

In addition to having a search engine, this portal has different sections that allow us, for example, to find the most downloaded programs, the best rated ones, the editor’s edition, etc. In addition, many of the programs are analyzed by users and by the members of the web, which is very useful when downloading programs.

We can access Download Crew from the following link .



GitHub is the portal par excellence where to find all kinds of open source programs. Although the previous websites allow us to access downloads easily, through this portal we will be able to directly access the source code of the programs. In addition, we will be able to see a list with all the versions and all the changes that have been detected and, if we have a problem, open an incident to the developer directly.

Among its disadvantages we find that it is not a portal that is precisely intuitive or easy to use. But if we are going to download an open source software, we will not find any link closer to the original.

We can access GitHub from the following link .



Another website to find all kinds of free software and download it safely. Among its main features we can find the programs organized by categories, in addition to a search engine to easily find the program we are looking for.

We can access FileHorse from the following link .



Another more interesting website to download free software safely without malware or any type of crapware. It has no characteristics that make it stand out from the others, except that the programs are very well organized and have the most interesting categories with the most popular programs.

We can access FilePuma from the following link .

Webs to download programs that you should avoid


Softonic has been one of the most popular websites when it comes to finding all kinds of software for our computer. However, greed led them to make the worst mistake they could have made: include a downloader plagued with bloatware, PUP and adware. Even some other malware has come through its tool because of the sponsors.

Downloader Softonic adware PC

It is true that today this downloader has disappeared and the downloads are usually clean. More or less. However, users have lost confidence in this download website. We do not recommend using it to download programs if you are really worried about computer security and avoid filling it with bloatware.


SourceForge was also one of the most relevant websites when searching and downloading all types of software. But he made the same mistake as Softonic: include a downloader full of unwanted software.

This was much more controversial than Softonic, because SourceForge is a widely used platform for free software, and that downloader was going to be mandatory for everyone.

Today this website is finished. Although the downloader is no longer present in many repositories, distrust forces us to search for other websites from which to download software. Moreover, if we look for, for example, VLC in SourceForge we will find a version of more than 4 years ago. Something unacceptable for such a website.