AlcoTrack: Calculate Your Blood Alcohol Level (BAL)

When you know your body, it is more or less easy to know how alcohol affects you, no matter if it is a beer or if it is three glasses. But in objective data it is really complicated to calculate to what extent it affects us. And this application, which is called AlcoTrack and is totally free to download in Google Play Store, helps us to know based on our weight, height and age - among other important data - what is our blood alcohol level.

AlcoTrack is available for free on the Google Play Store. It is an application that basically works as a calculator to know the level of blood alcohol. So, in reality, it could be considered as a breathalyzer; the difference with respect to this type of tools is that it is not a real test for exhaled air, or for a blood sample, but an approximate calculation based on the person's characteristic data.


Define your height, age and weight

The first thing we must do is access the application settings section to define our height, in centimeters and our weight, in kilos. Once this is done, we will define other important data for calculations such as age and gender, while all this determines to what extent our body is able to absorb alcohol and metabolize it. However, there are other peculiarities related to the health of our digestive and circulatory system that, obviously, can also cause alcohol absorption to vary significantly.

Once this information is defined, we can also modify the start time of our days, the specific metabolism ratio and the average price for alcoholic beverages, among many other details that go beyond the calculator. Because, of course, it can also serve as a tool to reduce the usual intake of alcohol in meals. However, this is not its main utility.

Define what alcoholic beverages you have consumed

To do the calculations we have to add the alcoholic beverages that we have consumed. We will do it with the button in the lower right corner, with a summation sign, which will open a screen like the one we have captured. There we can add the quantity in milliliters of this alcoholic beverage, the  percentage of alcohol of the same - with the graduation- , the name and the annotations that we want, its price and also the  start and end time of the intake, as well as the  delay in absorption depending on how full we have the stomach at all times. Because all this, again, determines the calculations significantly.

Adding at all times the alcoholic beverages that we have consumed, with all the information and details that we mentioned earlier, we will have information in the form of graphs such as the one shown in the screenshot below, on the right. It is displayed right from the bottom of the screen, which is where we see data on the metabolism and absorption of alcohol, and also on blood alcohol.

Your state of alcoholism and evolution, in one application

In these graphs we can see the time on the horizontal axis and alcoholism on the vertical axis. And we can see, for this specific case, that the maximum degree of alcoholism will begin after a few minutes after the ingestion of a glass - large, by the way - of alcohol with a graduation of 40%. This appears in this way because the stomach was full - after a copious meal, for example. And it will reach its peak so that, little by little, alcohol is metabolized and its concentration in the blood is decreasing.

In these graphs we can see that absorption is progressive and when, exactly, it reaches its minimum point. We can also see what the consumption of alcohol has been in grams and what energy contribution it has meant. In addition, the app tells us in a simpler way, in the summary of information at the bottom, how long it will take to be sober, approximately, and when the maximum point of drunkenness will be reached, both by the concentration of blood alcohol and for the exact time it will happen.

An app that is obviously worth downloading. The calculations are really accurate, if we enter the data correctly, and the information is tremendously detailed. It can help us to know how alcoholism affects our body, and to control and reduce alcohol consumption. It is not a 100% reliable 'test' to know if we are drunk and, for example, we can test positive for a breathalyzer control.