Best Apps to Download Free eBooks on Android Phone

Dozens of apps for reading eBooks are available on your mobile device , but once you have at least one installed, you will have to have an e-book source. You will have to download them from somewhere, right? Therefore, we have made a selection of the best applications that you will find in the Google Play Store, for Android, in order to download books and audiobooks in electronic format.

Some of these applications have free books and paid eBooks, while others only have payment options, and others only collect free books. And some of them have eBooks in different languages, while others only offer us content in English, although with a greater variety of titles. We have selected the best options and, in each of them, we explain the specific aspects you need to know so that you can choose your favorite and download it on your mobile.

Google Play Books - The official one for Android

Google Play Books, from the Mountain View company, is not only an eBook and audiobook reader, but also gives access to the official Google store. The availability of books is really wide and, above all, here we will find them without any problem in our language. So, although all may not be available, we will always make sure we find the best quality and that reading will be available in our language.

Nubico - The 'Spotify' of electronic books

Nubico is offered as a subscription service; that is to say, that you pay the corresponding fee every month, and in this way, you have unlimited access to all the eBooks available on the platform. It is a way of always ensuring new readings, and avoiding extra expenses every month. Maybe its variety is not the most generous we are going to find, but it is a different format to always have electronic books to read on our device.

Free Ebook Downloader - Download your eBooks for free

You have available more than 30,000 free e-books distributed by categories, in an application that makes it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for because it has several filters for locating content. In addition, it will show you suggestions on the most interesting, daily selections and other ways to find books that you might not have thought of downloading.

Freebooks - Electronic books in any format

If what you want is free eBooks and the format is not what matters most to you, this app should not be missing on your mobile or tablet. In addition, you already know that PDF can be converted to ePUB , so this is a good application to download free eBooks directly from our device so that, with specific apps, you can read them locally.

Free eBooks & AudioBooks - free eBooks and audiobooks

In this application we have free eBooks to download, which is what we are looking for a priori, but we also have audiobooksThat is, it is somewhat more complete than the previous ones, and with integrated multimedia player for this second type of content. We will find most of them in English; But if that is not a problem, this is an app that should not be missing on our mobile devices.

eBook Downloader - Various electronic book formats

Although it is a really simple interface tool, this option has a huge variety of electronic books and also lets us download them to our mobile devices in different formats. For any of them, or almost anyone, we have the option in ePUB, MOBI and also PDF format. Therefore, it doesn't matter which app we use to open them, because we have a secure compatible format.

Free Books Classics - Classic literature on your mobile

The literature classics can be downloaded for free without any problem, and this app brings them all, or almost all. The interface is one of the worst we will find, but it meets exactly what it promises. In addition, we can find most of the books in HTML format. ePUB, PDF, Kindle and many others. It has a good search engine and files are also organized by filters of all kinds, such as popularity.

eBook Bundle - Thousands of free eBooks to download

We have already talked about apps with thousands of free eBooks to download, but this option is perhaps one of the ones that offers us the greatest variety. It has more than 100,000 different titles, of all genres we can imagine, and the organization is especially good. The interface has been taken care of for a good user experience, and we can also see the ratings and comments of other users.

E-Book Drive - Your online library

Its interface is not the most striking, but E-Book Drive has thousands of books available for download and, above all, an excellent weekly selection for us to find suggestions for interesting content. Of all the books we will find the technical information we need, and it always suggests related and similar readings for content that we search within the app.