6 Tricks to Avoid Visual Fatigue on the Screens

Every day we use more screens in our day to day. Stop to think about it for a moment: mobile phone, tablets, PC monitors, television ... All this ends up influencing our health, so today we are going to think about it a bit. That's why we bring you 6 tricks to avoid visual fatigue on the screens.

Visual Fatigue
Visual Fatigue

Take short breaks

The first trick is the easiest to perform and the one that any specialist can recommend. Go taking small breaks when you look hard on the screen.

There are no specific time periods, but if you follow productivity techniques such as Pomodoro’s, it says that for every 25 minutes of work we should relax for 5 minutes. It's a good time to get off the screen and look at anything else (other than a screen, of course).

Blink, which is free

The eye tends to dry when we look. In other words, blinking is perfect for moistening the eyes and for them to suffer less. In fact, if you have sometimes felt itchy eyes, surely these have asked you to "cry" to reduce pain. Here is the key. Blinks.

Don't work in the dark

More and more people work in the dark in the room ... and this is very harmful to health! Try to ensure that the room is illuminated correctly. That the only light coming from the monitor will only serve to make your eyes suffer with the screen.

Get to read something on paper before sleep

Usually, the last thing we do before going to sleep is to look at the mobile phone screen. You just felt guilty, right? We do it all, do not worry, and most likely we have left the console, television or something similar before.

A very simple recommendation to avoid visual fatigue is that we configure the mobile for the next day and do not touch it before sleeping at all (and we put it in bold). Then, try to read something on paper to rest your eyes a little with a different support.

Buy blue glasses

This is one of the great inventions of recent years. The blue light is finding more and more enemies on the road, although it is not yet proven to really affect (it is proven in animals). This can be reduced with some PC settings, but the ideal thing is to do with glasses that mitigate this "effect."

There are all kinds, so you just have to choose the ones you like and use them while watching a screen.

And stay healthy!

The last trick is not as such: stay healthy. Eating well, sleeping properly, doing sports, etc., reduces that visual fatigue. In fact, a very healthy advice is to go for a run or exercise right after our workdays. The key is that the eye does not continue to see a monitor every second.