4 Best Email Service Alternatives to Gmail and Outlook

When we talk about " emails ", the logical thing is that Gmail or Outlook comes to mind first. Google has a monopoly in this regard, especially since Android is the operating system of millions of mobile phones worldwide, so it is no surprise this leadership with the Microsoft service.

Now, there are alternatives to consider, so here are the best email services that are not Gmail or Outlook.

Email Service
Email Service

Zoho Mail

We started this article with Zoho Mail, an email provider that began its journey there by October 2008. In this decade it has accumulated about 10 million active users, a more than positive figure considering the competition that exists in the market.

Zoho Mail stands out for its interface, very similar to the one that can be seen in some Microsoft products. And among the options available, as they are the most basic and well-known in any email service, from sorting by folders to maintaining mail control through dragging.

AOL Mail

Although it seems strange, AOL Mail was one of the grandparents of mailing worldwide. Its journey started in March 1993 and the company was valued at tens and tens of millions of dollars. However, the passage of time caused it to decline until it was very relegated to the mastodons of the sector. It is still operational with 25 million active users. Therefore, you can continue to trust her without any problem.


If you are looking for the best possible security when sending and receiving emails, ProtonMail is your favorite option. This mail provider was founded only five years ago at CERN in Switzerland (2014).

Its main characteristic, as we have said, is that it encrypts messages before they reach the company's servers; Moreover, they clarify that not even the systems of these companies can decipher the message. If you are looking for security, ProtonMail is a good option.

GMX Mail

We will close this article with GMX Mail. This email provider was founded in 1997 thanks to United Internet, one of the most famous telecommunications companies in Germany.

Now it has more than 11 million active users on a daily basis, with features as important as a 65 GB inbox. In other words, you will not have space problems when receiving or sending emails, which is usually the predominant note.

Would you add any service other than one known as Yahoo! Mail? We wait for you in the comments with your suggestions!