4 Tricks to Create a Perfect Password

In a few weeks, dozens of banks will introduce the precious double authentication in their web platforms. In this way, when a client enters to consult their financial movements, the portal will ask for the usual password and a numerical code that will be sent to the mobile phone.

Although this reinforces security, we must not forget that it is always best to have a good combination, so here are 4 tricks to create a perfect password.

Password Leaked
Password Leaked

The longer, the better

We always make the joke, but it is that we are shot. The longer the password, the better. Leading security experts point out that the trend has changed in recent years. In other words, hackers have more complications in guessing those passwords that are long rather than short.

Nothing known

Cyber security specialists recommend that the password be intelligible. This means that nothing you put as a password is recognizable to the naked eye, such as the date of birth, the name of your pet or the classic "123456" (the most repeated password every year, even if it seems a lie).

Take advantage of the phrases

Considering that long and unfamiliar combinations are sought, experts indicate that it is advisable to choose phrases from movies, songs, etc., which are memorable. For example, if you like the Metal Gear Solid video game, then put the classic "you have innovative eyes" as a password. Now with variations.

The key point is that some values of that phrase are changed, such as some lowercase letters to uppercase letters , the occasional symbol inserted in the middle or to exchange some letter for a number (the “A” for the “4” or the “E” by "3", for example). Again, you carry the singing voice and you are the one who must create a good combination.

The initials, too

If you consider that the phrase you like is very long - it may happen - another possibility is to take the initials of each word. Taking the previous example, this would be TODN. If random numbers and symbols are introduced to this (45TO9D + N, for example), then security grows (yes, we repeat, the longer, the better).

Use a password generator

We close with something that is often overlooked ... and it is very important! The automatic password generators are perfect for this purpose. They comply with all the rules for designing complex and secure passwords, so don't hesitate to use them (which at first glance seem unreliable, we know). LastPass is a very competent one and one that can come in handy.