You will know what you eat with these 3 websites to count calories

One of the obsessions of many people each year is to go on a diet when the month of January begins. Although it is not always recommended and the most advisable thing is that you put yourself in the hands of nutrition experts, there are websites that allow us to check the calories of everything we eat or keep track of them during each day.

Free websites with nutritional information on products that will record a diary with everything we eat every day to help us when going to the nutritionist or organizing menus. In addition, with nutritional information of all the foods you eat.

3 websites to count calories

My Fitness Pal

Although it is common to use the application, the web also allows us to see the calories of each product or add details to our food diary, our record. From the app we can read barcodes but the website also helps us consult recipes, save meals and access free stories from other users that will serve as motivation.

Among all the sections, we are interested in the “food” section on the website because it will allow us to search for restaurants, brands or specific products and see all the nutritional information in the most detailed way possible and not only serves to check calories but also allows us to see the amount of fat or sugar that a specific product has or how long it would take to burn it doing a specific type of exercise. How much to run to burn the nougat.


My Net Diary

Less known but also very complete is MyNetDiary. It has a search engine for food, brands or restaurants and we can search in Spanish or English whether we want general foods or specific products with a specific brand. That is, you can look for a banana but also a specific coffee from Starbucks.

In addition, like the previous one, it will also tell us how much exercise we have to do to burn what we are going to eat or at what intensity and how much time we should spend on it. And not only the calories but also gives us information about carbohydrates, proteins, fats or sugars.


Fat secret

Another essential to find calories or count them is FatSecret if you are looking for a website. It is easy to use, very complete and comfortable and we can see all the nutritional information of the food but also access the community forum, access recipe ideas that we can prepare or sports advice that may be useful. But in the ” food ” section we can see common foods such as drinks, fast foods, sweets and candies, etc.

The website has all the information about food and we can record all the details once we register with an account and it also has an application that we can use on Android and iPhone if you want to record everything from your mobile phone, without the need for pay nothing and with a community of “support” that also pursues the goal of eating better or, at least, eating healthier.