You will be able to repair the Steam Deck with your own hands

You will be able to repair the Steam Deck with your own hands

Steam Deck is among us and it seems that every day Valve is getting its production to increase, which will serve to end the waiting list that is delaying its deliveries for months compared to the dates initially planned. Even so, there are many who are evaluating a decision made by Gabe Newell around his machine: it is easily repairable, even by the user himself.

Your pieces can be bought

Unlike other manufacturers that make things difficult when we want to drive a screw into a console, in the case of Valve it seems that they have resorted to components that are not only more accessible to get on the market, but also do not require engineering. to be changed and installed and leave the machine practically as new. This was demonstrated by the famous iFixit website when it tested the Steam Deck console , which was left to repair with surprising ease.

Now, on top of that, they announce from that same website that they will have specific repair kits available for Steam Deck that will help users correct any problem (or improve their hardware) that they may have on their consoles, whether it is a fault on an analog stick, as on the screen and, in the future, on the battery itself. And it is that the one in charge of offering these spare parts will be iFixit itself through a program that will include the parts and all the necessary manuals so that any owner of one of these machines can easily repair it.

How much will the parts cost us?

That yes, although the iFixit program is very ambitious and they have already announced a whole list of spare parts that we can buy, there are some that are not yet contemplated, we do not know if due to scarcity in the market or because at the moment they are not considered mandatory. But both the buttons, such as the touch surfaces and the battery, at the moment do not appear in the list that they announce on the website.

Steam Deck.

iFixit’s own CEO, Kyle Wiens, has commented that “we are creating a solution to repair Steam Deck that includes all the step-by-step guides and parts that [the user] needs to repair his Deck. Our initial release includes the parts and tools to complete most repairs.” Of course, as we warned you, they recognize that “we do not have a solution to repair the battery from day one, but we are committed to working with Valve to maintain these devices as they age. Battery replacements will be essential for Steam Deck to stand the test of time.”

Below you have the official list of these spare parts as well as their price in the US, which is today one of the first to be confirmed:

  • Steam Deck Fan / Piece Only $24.99
  • Steam Deck Fan/Repair Kit $29.99
  • Steam Deck (512 GB) Display / Part Only $94.99
  • Steam Deck (512 GB) Repair Kit / Display $99.99
  • Steam Deck (64GB or 256GB) Display / Part Only $64.99
  • Steam Deck (64GB or 256GB) Repair Kit / Display $69.99
  • Steam Deck Right Thumbstick / Piece Only $19.99
  • Steam Deck Right Thumbstick/Repair Kit $24.99
  • Steam Deck Left Thumbstick / Piece Only $19.99
  • Steam Deck Left Thumbstick / Repair Kit $24.99
  • Steam Deck Action Button Rubber Membrane $4.99
  • Steam Deck D-Pad Rubber Membrane $4.99
  • Steam Deck Rubber Membrane Button $4.99
  • Steam Deck Speakers $24.99
  • Steam Deck Left Fire Button Assembly $7.99
  • Steam Deck Right Fire Button Assembly $7.99
  • Steam Deck Left Bumper Button Assembly $6.99
  • Steam Deck Right Bumper Button Assembly $6.99
  • Back Cover for Steam Deck $24.99
  • Steam Deck Front Case $24.99
  • Steam Deck Baseplate $349.99
  • Steam Deck Right Sub Board $29.99
  • Steam Deck Left Sub Board $34.99
  • Steam Deck Battery Sticker $4.99
  • Steam Deck Screen Sticker $4.99
  • AC Adapter for Steam Deck (US) $24.99
  • AC Adapter for Steam Deck (EU) $24.99
  • AC Adapter for Steam Deck (UK) $24.99