My downloads have zero seeds in qBittorrent, what do I do?

P2P applications for downloading Torrent files, such as qBittorrent , have been with us for many years for uploading and downloading content. At the same time, they offer us a series of additional functions that allow us to get the most out of these processes.

Generally these clients to which we have referred and their corresponding networks are used for downloading and uploading large files . Thanks to the morphology and operation that they offer us, the loss of packages is much more unlikely than through the direct downloads that we make from the browser. On many occasions this type of use has been related to the world of content piracy. But torrents and their use go much further, both at the end user and business level.

My downloads have zero seeds in qBittorrent, what do I do

For example, there are many companies that use these Torrents to share their projects with both their clients and their workers. And it is that they represent an effective and safe way to share large amounts of files, also in a simple way. However, on certain occasions we can find some problems here. Normally these are related to upload or download errors. We must bear in mind that the clients that we use here, such as qBittorrent, have been configured from the outset by someone to use them from the first minute.

But at the same time we can find and make use of a multitude of functions and customizable parameters to improve its operation . With everything and with it, one of the most common problems that we can find in these programs is that we are going to download a Torrent and it does not have seeds. At that point let’s see what we can do.

What to do if my downloads are seedless in qBittorrent

Surely many of you already know that, in this type of download, the seeds available to extract and share the files are key. This means that the more seeds or users are sharing the same Torrent file, possibly the sooner we get hold of it. This makes P2P networks very interesting for certain communities of users who are followers of collaborative work.

qbittorrent semillas

On the contrary, we can find that a certain file that we load in the qBittorrent client has zero seeds. At this point we could ask ourselves if that file we want to do with is completely missing. Well, we should know that if a Torrent file shows zero seeds , it is generally said to be dead. But this is something that cannot be confirmed in 100% of situations of this type. This means that, if you find yourself in this situation, the first thing to do is to update the trackers from the program, in this case qBittorrent.

Once this is done, we will have no choice but to wait to see if new seeds appear in the P2P client to be able to download the content as such. Usually if the Torrent has updated trackers and has been running for a month, but no activity, we can say that the Torrent has really disappeared . This means that there is no one sharing the file that interests us, so we will not be able to get that content, at least for now.