Yet Another Speed Dial to Customize the New Tab Page

There are many different Internet browsers that we can use right now. We find ourselves with the industry leader such as Google Chrome, although we can also opt for Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge , etc.

As we say, there are many proposals of this type that we can opt for in these times. However, although its operation and general objective is very similar, each one has its small details that differentiate it from the rest. As we tell you, Chrome is the preferred by most worldwide, followed by Edge Chromium and Firefox .

Yet Another Speed Dial

We tell you this because in this case we are going to talk about a valid extension for these, which are the most used, but which imitates a functionality of another minority. With this less used program to move around the Internet, specifically we refer to Opera. And it is necessary to take into account that each user tries to make the home page and the use of the corresponding tabs in each browser work in the best way. But of course, everyone has their preferences in this regard.

Well, in this regard, as some of you may already know, Opera has a somewhat peculiar and proper operation. It is for all this that those who like the start of Opera, are interested in taking a look at Yet another speed dial .

What advantages does the Yet another speed dial extension offer us?

Say that in principle we will tell you that this is an add-on for Firefox and Chrome that has been designed to replicate a popular function of the Opera browser. In this way, once we have installed it, we will find a renewed new tab page. Of course, the page to which we refer, at first we will see it as a blank page.

Speed dial inicio

This is mainly because we are going to have to configure it to adapt it to our personal needs. So the first time we run into it after installing the extension, we’ll see that blank page with a few steps to help us get started.

As you can imagine, what we are going to achieve here is to have a completely personalized new tab page based on our needs.

How to customize the renewed new tab page

So, initially the easiest way to add quick access bookmarks here is to visit any web page you want to add. After that, we right click on it and select Add this link to markers / Other markers / Speed Dial. As you can imagine this is a new option that has just been added after the installation of the extension.

Añadir marcadores speed

Therefore, once this is done, the extension itself saves a thumbnail of the page that we have added, and that we will see in the new tab page of Yet another speed dial. Also another alternative method to this is to click the button of the new tab, and then the big button + to add a new site. Paste the URL of the website to add in the text field and we will have a direct access to that specific website. The plugin opens a new tab to load the site and save its thumbnail. Also, another way to add your own bookmarks is selecting a page and placing it in the Other Bookmarks / Speed Dial folder directly.

Nuevos marcadores

Organize and customize the Yet another speed dial page

As you can imagine, this is something that we can repeat with as many websites that we want and that will appear here. In turn, once these contents have been collected, we have the possibility of reorganizing the position of each added entry, just by dragging it to a different place.

Softzone speed dial

On the other hand, we must also know that we can right-click on a marker to interact with it. Thus, we can open it in a new tab, in a new window, or in a private window. It can also be used to remove it whenever we want. In the same way we will find the button called Edit that allows you to configure the access including its URL or the image that will represent it. Of course, we can choose either the thumbnail of the web page as such, or we can use a custom image that is on our computer .

Menú Speed

Regarding the personalization of the page as such proposed by this extension, the task is also very simple and fast. We just need to right-click anywhere on the new tab page. Then we click on the menu option that says Settings. From here we will have the opportunity to use our own wallpaper for this page, or a solid color of those proposed. We will also have the possibility to create a tonality.

Other new tab customization extensions

  • Speed Dial Quantum: This is another similar proposal that allows us to customize the new tab page, in this case for Mozilla Firefox . Thus, we can directly access those websites that most interest us directly.
Developer: Abdullah Alansari
Price: Free

  • Speed Dial: This other extension is for its direct competitor, Google Chrome and allows us to create groups of bookmarks that will become part of that new tab page in the web browser.
Developer: joue.quroi
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  • New Tab: also, in the event that we want to try an alternative proposal to those already mentioned, also in Chrome, we can opt for New Tab . This is a proposal that has been with us for a long time and has many followers.
Price: Free

How to download Yet another speed dial

Well, as we say, in order to customize the new tab page of Chrome or Firefox, we can use the Yet another speed dial extension. This can be found, because it is open source, on the GitHub platform through this link .

At the same time it is also available more directly in the official stores of both Internet browsers.

Developer: conceptualspace
Price: Free