Xiaomi’s Desktop Mode Arrives with MIUI 12.5. What is it?

Although Xiaomi still continues to update many devices to MIUI 12, there is no doubt that the future for 2021 is called MIUI 13. However, the update bus plans to make an intermediate stop, this stop is called MIUI 12.5 and we have already spoken to you of its existence recently. There are still many uncertainties about this version , which according to Xiaomi itself, will mean the end of the MIUI 12 series, as a kind of final “DLC” loaded with news.

Xiaomi's Desktop Mode

Xiaomi has known how to adapt MIUI to the tastes of its MiFans. Not surprisingly, the Chinese firm continually collects the contributions of the community , to launch novelties that meet their needs. Each new version has new functions, improvements, aesthetic additions etc … The specific clues about the news of MIUI 12.5 are still a mystery, but Xiaomi has just offered some interesting clues and confirmed what could be the most interesting novelty.

A desktop mode in MIUI 12.5

On this occasion, it was the Chinese media MyDrivers, which has collected the statements of Jin Fan, current manager of Xiaomi’s software and experience department and therefore, the main conductor of MIUI. The main novelty that the terminals that are updated to this version will have will be a new desktop mode . This means that Xiaomi wants to catch up and offer a function already present in terminals from Samsung, Huawei and soon in Motorola.

xiaomi pantalla

Remember that Desktop Mode allows you to connect your mobile to a monitor and get a desktop interface so that your mobile becomes a mini-PC ready for productivity or entertainment tasks. In addition, the direct has ensured that the new layer will have new animations , that is, changes in the interface, and that user privacy will be further improved.

When will we see it?

We still do not know when Xiaomi plans to release all the news of MIUI 12.5. However, all bets, and as the source from China suggests, the Xiaomi Mi 11 will be the star device in charge of kicking off this new version. Xiaomi’s first mobile with Snapdragon 888 does not have an official presentation date set, but it is also expected to be announced before the end of the year. Almost simultaneously with the announcement of the Xiaomi Mi 11, it is more than likely that other Xiaomi flagship terminals, Redmi and Poco, will receive the relevant update.

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