How to Change DNS on Xiaomi and MIUI

As our mobile is more and more connected, it is more necessary than ever to become aware of security, and the tools that we have at our fingertips. Each version of Android improves this security, but there are always options in the configuration, which are ignored and that can allow us to be more calm. For this reason, we are going to tell you about the famous DNS, how they work and what is the use of modifying this parameter on Xiaomi phones.

Change DNS on Xiaomi and MIUI

When we talk about DNS, we are actually referring to Domain Name System or Domain Name System . They were born from the need to easily remember the names of all the servers connected to the Internet. DNS consists of a hierarchical set of DNS servers. Each domain or subdomain has one or more zones of authority, which publish information about the domain and the names of services.

To avoid unwanted content or browse faster

However, many third-party applications use this information to generate unwanted content that is displayed on the user’s mobile phones . This content can come in the form of spam or suggestions for explicit content that can be unpleasant and sometimes appears when we least expect it in the notification bar. This type of content is not filtered by mobile phones and is generally used by malicious apps in the form of viruses or malware.

However, there are other applications in the form of browsers or games, which without being malicious software themselves, allow all this unwanted content to be displayed. In addition, the faster the DNS server, the less it takes to tell our web browser which IP address to go to. This will translate into greater speed when browsing the Internet.

dns letras

How DNS is changed

For this reason, in MIUI we find an option to configure a private DNS server , which is in charge of filtering all the “garbage” that may appear on our mobile without permission and without prior notice. Luckily there are many free DNS providers that we can test to see if we can reduce the amount of unwanted information received on the mobile. For this we will have to go to Settings / Connection and share and click on “Private DNS”.

dns privado en xiaomi

The last step is to fill in the box that appears, where we can use one of the best known private and free DNS and that offers the best result. In this case we will have to write and click on save for the changes to take effect. This type of private DNS servers have filters to prevent access to unwanted content, so it may be the solution you were waiting for if your mobile does not stop showing suspicious content