Buy Xiaomi Smart Home Accessories with a Good Discount

xiaomi-sensorThere are few users who want to turn their homes into smarter places. Thus, the intention is to automate tasks or, failing that, optimize those that have to be done. For this there are accessories such as those offered by Xiaomi , of which there are several models of the Aqara range on offer. We show the options you should not miss right now in Gearbest.

All the devices that are currently in promotion, with discounts that reach up to 44%, are part of the ecosystem of the Asian company and that includes different sensors . With them, the stay in the homes is improved, since they allow to know quickly and easily if something is happening that should not. It is important to keep in mind that, to take advantage of these products, having WiFi connectivity is essential (they also offer compatibility with ZigBee).

By the way, something that is important while useful in the models of which we are going to show links where to buy them with discounts that make them attractive, is that they are managed with an application . In this way, from a smartphone or tablet it is possible to know everything that happens and even establish different settings.

Xiaomi Aqara accessories on offer

Next, we leave the most important thing to know in each case of the devices in question and the use that can be given to each of them once it has been installed anywhere in the house:

Aqara Window Door Sensor

Few questions about the functionality offered by this accessory, which allows to know, for example, if a window is open or not. The element consists of a sensor with its corresponding magnet and, in the case of a change of state, a notification is received on the smartphone -e, even. A warning sound is emitted.

Accessorio Xiaomi Aqara Window Door Sensor

Simple to install and high strength, its appearance is quite attractive and not bad on the wall where it is placed. Its functionality is complete in homes since the environment is not an inconvenience.

Aqara Smart Home Water Sensor

Water can also be controlled thanks to the Xiaomi accessories we are talking about. This model has an excellent discount of 44%, and executes warnings if there is unwanted water in different places. This can range from a balcony to the garden of the house. Its manufacturing material is white ABS plastic of quality and strength.

Accesorio Xiaomi Aqara Smart Home Water Sensor

To achieve this, it performs immersion monitoring that does not affect it since the element offers compatibility with the IP67 standard. As the rest of the components of this product range in case of problems a notification is issued, so that appropriate measures can be taken.

Aqara Human Motion Sensor

This device includes a motion sensor that lets you know when something happens at home. In this way and thanks to notifications, you can be extra safer when you go outside. In addition, and thanks to its functions, it can even be combined with light bulbs so that the light is turned on at night when walking.

Accesorio Aqara Human Motion Sensor

Simple to install and with the detection element that can be rotated, it fits perfectly anywhere in the house. An accessory that applies to both the living room and the rooms of the smallest of the house.