Xiaomi Reveals Why Your Mobile Maintains 60Hz When You Choose 120Hz

The screens of our mobiles have evolved a lot in recent years, even in the cheapest middle ranges. 90Hz or 120Hz screens are the order of the day, and in this case, there is a situation that somewhat puzzles users of Xiaomi mobiles with the refresh rate, which now has an official explanation.

The refresh rate is one of those functionalities that has reached a large number of mobiles in recent years in all the ranges that has been most noticed in the daily use of our phone. The change between two screens of this type is very noticeable

The screen of your Xiaomi is kept at 60Hz, why?

Depending on the manufacturer, you can choose to have the phone screen work at 60Hz, 90Hz or 120Hz continuously or for the phone to choose for us which is the best refresh rate at all times.

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For that reason when we choose to always be at 120Hz we hope that this refresh rate is respected in any situation in which we are using the terminal. But this is not always the case in the case of Xiaomi phones. In fact, it is something that users have asked the MIUI developers themselves in the same act where they presented the latest news regarding the software layer.

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One of the questions they were asked had to do precisely with the refresh rate, and the way in which Xiaomi phones choose one or another rate based on certain parameters. The main complaint was that despite expressly choosing a refresh rate of 120Hz on the phone, on many occasions it is kept at 60Hz by the MIUI software. This is something that irritates users, who have wanted to know why this happens.

To avoid mindless power consumption

The MIUI team wanted to emphasize that the choice of this 60Hz rate even when we have 120Hz activated, for example watching a video, is due to efficient energy consumption . Since when it is detected that a video source is originally 30Hz or 60Hz, it is maintained at that refresh rate and not at 120Hz or 90Hz because the visual result is the same, but the power consumption is higher .

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Therefore, it is avoided that the Hz remain high in situations where we are not going to notice the difference. And in the long run, better energy management is achieved, that is the reason behind this decision by Xiaomi, which for many is so little understandable.

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