Realme Phones: Create Your Own Patterns for the Always On Screen

Our mobile phones have evolved a lot in recent years, to always offer us the best and most useful functions on a day-to-day basis. One of the most interesting is the one that allows us to see information on the screen of our phone 24 hours a day, thanks to the Always On modes and AMOLED screens, like the one on your Realme .

Having information 24 hours a day on our mobile screen is quite useful if we take into account how much information and notifications our terminals generate per day. It is a method that also allows us to save energy, because it avoids entering the home screen directly. A mode that in the case of Realme mobiles is more complete than in the phones of many of its opponents, as you will see below.

Why do we need an Always On mode?

These modes have been present in our phones for years, and in the vast majority of cases we find them in terminals that have AMOLED screens or similar, simply because they offer with this technology the possibility of displaying information on the screen without draining the battery before weather. AMOLED technology itself is what facilitates this energy saving, its very nature. And it is that these screens to represent the black color only have to keep the pixels off. In contrast, on an LCD screen, the panel is always backlit, even when black is displayed.

Realme pantalla Always On

This being the case, if we wanted to continuously display a message on our phone on an LCD screen, it should be fully illuminated 24 hours a day, with the consequent energy expenditure that this would entail. Therefore, the Always On modes, as designed, are 99% exclusive for mobiles with OLED or AMOLED screens. Therefore, when a Realme mobile shows a clock , the digital time, or notification icons and the battery level for 24 hours, it is actually turning on only part of the screen, and throughout the day we practically do not notice any difference in the battery consumption compared to not having one of these active modes.

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And where we go, Realme UI 2.0 not only allows us to choose a reason to decorate the screen of our phone when the screen is off or is locked, but also now allows us to edit to our liking, and even create our own patterns to the always-on screen of our Realme phone. And it is that the level of customization that the Chinese layer offers us in this aspect is one of the richest that we can find in a phone of any brand. If in the first version of the layer we had the option to choose from a multitude of predefined patterns, or to customize the message even with a custom color pattern, in this case the layer now in its new version also includes its own pattern editor, which It will allow us to create new and personalized images to our liking 24 hours a day, without interruption.

Custom patterns

This is the key feature that allows us to have a different way to configure the Always On screen on our Realme. In this case, in the brand’s mobiles, this function is called ” Always-on screen ” and in its configuration we have countless ways to apply to it, with the aim that the experience is always as personal as possible. We can add a personalized text message, only text in a predetermined format, combining text and image, even a personalized image, adding an analog clock, or a digital one for example.

Realme pantalla Always On

As you can see, the customization options are many, but in addition to these, we have custom patterns. These have a series of predetermined patterns, which we can choose from among the nine that exist ready to be chosen, or we can create our own. The best of all is that this tool will allow us to create a unique pattern, which we will not be able to see on another similar mobile, since we will generate them freehand, as if it were an illustration, in such a way that the screen always active on your mobile Realme will show a pattern adapted to our tastes at all times.

How are these patterns activated and generated?

Well, it is quite simple, since Realme has designed a tool that offers easy activation at all times. It is activated in the same way as any other always-on screen mode, with the difference that it has its own editor. We must do the following;

  • Access your Realme settings
  • Enter “Home screen, Locked screen and always-on screen”
  • Once inside, scroll down to “Always active screen and press”
  • Swipe the screen until you get to “Custom Patterns”
  • Instead of clicking on one of these patterns, click on the “+” sign

Realme pantalla Always On

Once we have clicked, we will fully enter the pattern editor. Here the difference is that we are the ones who mold the pattern to our liking, so as we said, the normal thing is that we will not find another similar pattern at any time. Well, to create the pattern we have to slide our fingers across the screen, across the top, in order to create the shape we are looking for with its stroke. We will be able to completely customize the appearance of this pattern, not only in its shape, but also in its colors. Because at the bottom we have up to 17 different color gradients to choose from. And if this is not enough for us, we can also create our own color gradient, by clicking on the icon in the lower right.

Realme pantalla Always On

The icons at the bottom of the screen allow us, on the one hand, to add other freehand strokes, as well as to choose other predetermined strokes mostly in the shape of a star. If we don’t want to entertain ourselves too much, we can ask our Realme to generate a random pattern , by clicking on the dice icon that we see on the left side. It must be borne in mind that the patterns are divided into quarters, which reflect the forms that we create with each other, symmetrically, so although the pattern can be created freehand, it will always be made up of our creation reflected in each one of its four parts.

Realme pantalla Always On

Give it the final touch

Once the pattern is ready, we must click on the “Next” button to give it the final touches. Basically it is a screen in which we will be able to configure the always-on screen mode . Here we see a preview of this mode, which shows us how the phone screen will look once we have configured these parameters. In fact, in the upper part we see an animation of the pattern, of how it looks. If we click on the area where the notifications and the time are previewed, the new pattern will be displayed on full screen, as it will be seen when the screen is locked.

Realme pantalla Always On

At the bottom of this menu we can choose the color of the text, which once again consists of gradients and even some spot colors, being able to choose between 17 color tones and gradients. Under this section we can choose the type of clock that will appear, whether it is digital or analog , in the latter case the hands will be aligned with the center of the pattern. And finally we can also choose what is shown while the screen is off with this mode running, if the date, the remaining battery level, or the notifications . By clicking on them, we can choose whether to display the three options at the same time, or each of them individually. Now we will only have to apply so that this pattern becomes the standard on our phone.