The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Could Be Presented This Year

Xiaomi has a pending issue with some of its Mi Fans regarding the Mi Mix series. This family abruptly ended with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, and its 5G variant, with no further news of a successor. Many have been the rumors since then, with Xiaomi closing or opening the door to the Mi Mix 4 on several occasions.

If Xiaomi Mi Mixes have always been characterized for something, it is because they are ahead of time with some technologies. After the OPPO Find X, the Mi Mix 3 was the first terminal to integrate a pop-up camera , while the first models drew attention for their excellent ratio between frames / screen. However, there have been lights and shadows in the Mi Mix, as is the case with software updates, which have not reached the expected pace.

mi mix alpha

My Mix Alpha

On the MIUI website

Now it has been the leaker Mukul Sharma, who has shelled the HTML code of the official MIUI website, revealing several interesting references. Among them, there is a Mi Note 11, MIUI 13 and the Mi Mix 4. The first two could surprise less, but the third opens the door for the Mi Mix 4 to finally see the light at some point in the newly released 2021. The names appear next to various functions of the Xiaomi layer.

Will it come out this year?

The Mi Mix family got a little closer to a successor with the Mi Mix Alpha, a futuristic concept that was never released, even after being officially priced. Since then, the Mi Mix 4 has been referenced on several occasions, including in Xiaomi patents that could belong to the new model. Many bets are inclined because it will be the Mi Mix 4, the first Xiaomi device that integrates a hidden camera under the screen, following the trail of innovation in this sense, which the series has always shown, pursuing the concept of “everything- screen”. It’s something the Mi Mix Alpha also showed off, with its immersive, bezel-less full-screen design.

The MIUI website could secretly reveal that Xiaomi is preparing its development, although we could also be facing a clue that does not lead us anywhere. In any case, if 2021 is the year of the launch of this new model, we should not take long to continue attending the classic parade of leaks in the form of certifications, images or technical specifications.

Source>Mukul Sharma (Twitter)