Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S Review: Up to Expectations

Xiaomi has generated a lot of interest with its televisions. Now that they are finally in the Spanish market and we have been able to spend a few days with the 55-inch model, the big question is do they meet expectations? Well, I tell you in this analysis of the Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S.

Xiaomi and the TV market: a new challenge

Xiaomi is aware of the importance that the television market represents for them. Also the important thing is to do well in a country like Spain where users value the brand very much, so it is not a plan to disappoint.

Well, with all this in mind the great challenge of the brand is to convince that what they are offering for 449 euros – what this 55-inch model costs – is not only a very attractive price but also a product superior to that of manufacturers With a longer tour.

I get ahead a little and I confirm that yes, it succeeds. Its price is input range and yet its performance is more in medium and medium-high ranges. Even so, there are details that I would like to tell you so that values whether or not it is the best option you can acquire. So, let’s break up each section.

Xiaomi design

Design is the first thing that enters your eyes. It is not the most important section but it is true that if you are not physically attracted, your options are reduced. Here Xiaomi has not been complicated and offers a product of its style.

The front, with impeccable and quite small metal frames, result in a striking and attractive product. But that’s it, you don’t have to look for him anymore because he doesn’t offer any groundbreaking details with the rest of the market.

In the back the thing changes. When placing the TV against the wall is something that does not matter, but when you look at it you realize where Xiaomi has cut to adjust its price.

Made of polycarbonate, the rear part is very simple and the quality of the plastic is basic . When holding or moving the TV, between the weight and the touch of it is when you realize that it is far from what the high ranges offer. It’s a problem? Not at all, but you have to comment.

I liked it physically, I appreciate a lot when a manufacturer takes care of the back with some kind of texture, better materials or even metal backs, covers to hide the cables and improve their management, etc. But those are products that exceed 1,000 euros minimum, so for what it costs I do not ask more and I appreciate what it offers.

This is how Xiaomi TV works: Android TV and PatchWall

You take the TV out of the box, you put it on, you get it and everything related to aesthetics goes to a second place. Start when you see what it offers at the system level, what is the user experience and all that it can provide.

The operating system for its Smart TV section is none other than Android TV , although Xiaomi has included the odd surprise. I do not need to comment much on this option for televisions created by Google.

Android TV is a very complete system with a large number of applications and possibilities. If you want to watch Netflix, you can download its app; if you want to see HBO, too; just like you can use other services like YouTube, Movistar +, AtresMedia, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

What’s more, not only do you have applications to access streaming video services, you can also use PLEX, players for content that you have on USB drives or connected to the same local network. And if you want, also games. Really, with Android TV you will not miss practically anything.

This is all? No, Xiaomi has introduced two details that may be interesting for the user. First of all there is PatchWall , a kind of Launcher that can replace the native Android TV interface and that would give access to featured content, applications and other sections such as the different video sources available.

This launcher is very similar to the tvOS interface, Apple‘s operating system for its Apple TV. And that, in addition, is reinforced with what would be the second great detail of this Xiaomi TV: an application to control home automation.

If you have Xiaomi smart devices such as light bulbs, Sensors, etc., you can control them from the TV that would become a kind of home automation control center . Along with all this we also have support for Google Assistant, Chromecast and other common options of a Smart TV.

Counting that we have a MediaTek MSD6886 quad-core processor, everything mentioned above runs smoothly and gives even more value to a TV that costs less than 500 euros.

Therefore, at the level of experience of use and options my assessment is very positive. My only criticism would go to the advanced configuration options that for more expert users could be somewhat scarce. But to the public that I think this TV is aimed at, this will be the least of the problems, if it can be considered so.

A very good audiovisual experience

Mi TV LED 4S YouTube

I could talk long and hard about image and sound quality, but it is equally complicated to complicate something as simple as saying that it is remarkable. Yes, it is very good knowing that it costs only 449 euros and that logically it is not focused as a high-end product.

Image quality with all kinds of content is very good. With native 4K video it’s how you appreciate its performance, but in general you will enjoy a lot of all kinds of content. And the choice of an IPS LCD panel, manufactured by LG, seems very right.

It is true that in front of VA panels used by high or higher price ranges there are disadvantages at the level of contrast, also here is influenced by its backlight system that is EDGE LED type and not FULL ARRAY LED. But taking away that the control of the illuminated areas is not so precise and that the depth of blacks is somewhat smaller, by representation of color, brightness and viewing angles the TV is at a high level.

Regarding HDR support, it is compatible with HDR10 and not with the latest HDR10 + version or with Dolby Vision. Therefore, the content is not enjoyed or really close to what models with superior features do. What does take advantage is that ability to offer a greater dynamic range, but don’t expect what a high range.

Just some notes:

  • Factory calibration is very good, but if you want more control you won’t have it
  • It’s a matter of taste, but the movie profile is the most attractive to me
  • The screen offers a 60Hz refresh
  • Only one of the HDMI allows 4K UHD video at 60 fps, so be careful when connecting consoles
  • If you are going to play disable image smoothing
  • The remote is connected via Bluetooth and even microphone for voice assistant

Ready, now let’s talk about sound. Here I am sincere and I don’t expect great results. The sound is correct, you enjoy any movie, series or video game, but if you compare with what any sound bar or external equipment offers, the difference is obvious. Therefore, you will not pay in relation to what the TV costs more for a soundbar, but if you already have one or you can do it because it compensates.

Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S: future bestseller

Xiaomi has markets where just to be who is already part with advantage. Spanish is one of these markets and its popularity in the field of Smartphones makes many users predisposed to purchase. But is it worth betting on him?

My answer is yes, but I would also tell you to consider the following. A television is a type of product with a lifespan greater than the rest of the products we usually buy and change at almost two years. Here you can quietly take between five and ten years without changing TV.

Therefore, if for 449 euros -399 euros if you take advantage of an offer such as those that have already existed these past days – betting on this Xiaomi TV you will not regret it . Moreover, I bet it will be a very sold product. But if you can increase the budget a little more and also take advantage of the offers that usually appear, models gives brands with a longer tour like LG, Samsung, Sony or the like could be a better option.

However, it is a personal decision and you must choose. I liked it and being aware of its limitations, for 449 euros – and this starts to sound repetitive – few manufacturers give more.