How to Watch Free Movies Using Plex

The multimedia content streaming service has reached a series of agreements with Warner Bros and MGM to offer films, series and documentaries completely free of charge through the service, in exchange only for some advertising that will appear randomly throughout the reproduction . Want to know how to watch free movies on Plex ? We tell you.

Free movies on Plex

Plex Peliculas gratis

The first thing you need is to have a user account in Plex . If until now you had maintained your own multimedia library with which to have cataloged all the content of your endless hard drive, you probably already have a Plex account, but if at this point you do not have it, you will only have to visit the official website to get hold of a.

Creating an account in Plex is completely free, so you just have to go to the official website and create a new profile either with your email, with your Facebook account or with your Google account.


Once with the account in your possession, you can enter the service and explore the content they offer, including the Movies & TV On Plex section . It will be there where you can explore the library that Plex is offering for free, and you will only have to click on the movie or series in which you are interested to begin with the reproduction.

When starting with a reproduction, the service warns that, in exchange for offering you completely free content, the reproduction will show a “moderate number of ads”. These advertisements cannot be avoided, and by accepting the terms of use you give permission for each user’s personal identifiers to be sent to define the type of advertising they will receive in the future.

What kind of free content can we find in Plex?

The selection may not be especially striking for some, since most content is quite old or not well known. We can find for example a section dedicated to Bollywood cinema, which is quite curious, and a lot of old movies.

At least it is a beginning, and knowing that they are completely free movies, we can complain little. This new library is made up of hundreds of movies and shows, so you’ll have to get bored.

Is it mandatory to keep the new Movies & TV section?

The new section will appear automatically in the left column of your menu in Plex, but you can organize it to your liking and even disable it in case you are not interested in accessing the free movie service offered.

Are we going to have publicity in the rest of the sections?

No, your entire personal library will remain intact and as you had it until now. You will not receive any type of advertising inserted at the time that you reproduce the contents that you have stored in your personal library or in shared libraries, so you will not have to worry about that aspect.

Advertising will only affect the new Movies & TV section offered by Plex, so forget about consuming advertising in the rest of the sections.