Sharing Photos from Google Photos Is Now Easier

Google introduces a new way to share images in Google Photos. From now on, in addition to the option to create shared albums or existing chats, photos and videos can also be sent privately to an individual user or group. An improvement over what was already there and very easy to use. We show you how to do it.

Google Photos and private messages to share your photos

Google Fotos

Since Google Photos was launched in 2015, the company has allowed to share photos and videos stored in its service through the creation of shared albums . These could be created for a collection of images or for a single file. The problem with this method is that it ended up being a bit of chaos at the time the number of shared albums shot up.

Now Google adds a new way through the use of private messages. In this way, you can select both photos and videos that you want to send to other Google Photos users and do it by means of a message as if it were an application like WhatsApp or Telegram.

It is a much faster and simpler method. But beware, this is not designed to replace the current chats that, after all, are comments within those albums that are shared with other users. What you will have here is a private conversation that helps the organization and other users decide whether or not they want to save the photo. If they do, they will download it to their Photos account at original resolution, without loss of quality.

How to send photos privately in Google Photos

Using this new option to send photos via Google Photos to other contacts privately is very simple. The first and logical thing is to open Google Photos and select the photo or video to be shared.

Next, in the share menu, you will see a contact carousel appear horizontally and also an icon to create a new group. Once you select who to send the content to is sent and a new interface appears that will remind you of many messaging applications.

In it you can comment and see the conversation at all times. It is not like the current chat option that you have to see the comments added.

When will this new feature be available?

As Google has described in its official blog, this new functionality will be available in both the iOS application and Android and web in the coming weeks for everyone. For now only some users have been activated. So it’s a matter of patience and being vigilant.

With it, it is logical that Google wants to keep the user in its service and, incidentally, give it greater value to make those who opt for other solutions such as iCloud Photos or Amazon jump into their solution.