Xiaomi Mi Band: solution to the problem of the weather app

Xiaomi Mi Band: solution to the problem of the weather app

The Xiaomi Mi Band is packed with features. In addition to being able to keep a complete record of our physical activity or see emojis on the bracelet, it also shows us information about what happens on our mobile. It is also a source of information in real time about the climatology of our area. But sometimes, this function can fail, preventing it from being updated and having accurate information.

Time is one of the options that many users of the Mi Band consider essential. Keeping an eye on the doll and seeing if it is going to rain or continue to be sunny, can condition many workouts or plans to go for a run. For this reason, it needs to work properly. However, it is common to see the message “Connect to the app to update.” This error has several possible solutions, which we are going to detail below.

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How to fix the problem

For the weather forecast it is practically essential to have this functionality configured and updated, since through this we can see it on the activity bracelet of the Chinese firm. And once it is configured, we must synchronize your mobile device with the Xiaomi smartband . With this we could at first look for the function on your smart bracelet and add it to the shortcuts to locate it in a short time. However, sometimes it is not as simple as it seems, since different unforeseen events may arise that we did not have in mind. Fortunately, we also find that there are different ways to solve this error that does not allow us to see the weather information in real time from our smartband.

Weather app

The first solution, which offers the best result in most cases, is to uninstall the weather app updates. This eliminates possible conflicts with new versions and makes everything work as before. For this we go to Settings / Applications and we go to the Weather app. Then we give you to uninstall updates. This way it should work properly again.

Unpair the Mi Band 4 or later

Another solution that is very popular is to unlink the bracelet and re-link it later. In this way, we can re-synchronize all the data including the weather. To be able to do this, we go to the Mi Fit app and within our profile we search for My Smart Band . Then we touch on the unlink button. Later we will only have to re-link the bracelet and the problem should have disappeared.

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Use another phone

There are also users who have solved the problem thanks to an old Xiaomi phone or another mobile. It may be a solution that is not available to everyone but it works anyway. To do this we will have to unlink as we have seen previously, and perform the pairing again but with the new device. Then we will do the same again, that is, unlink the old mobile and try again with the one that gave us the failure, to check if the problem has been resolved.

Time permits

Keep in mind that the Mi Fit application must always have the permission to access the location activated. This is important so that we can have accurate information, not only about our route, but also about the time, thanks to the geolocation carried out by the app and transmitted to the bracelet.

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Blame the timing?

If we have verified that it works perfectly from another phone, the culprit is our mobile. So we will have to try to solve this problem from our terminal. And, if we continue to have problems to link the Mi Band 6 or 5 with Mi Fit , it is likely that the Bluetooth connection is the main reason why we do not get a correct synchronization.

Therefore, the best we can do is tell the mobile phone to forget about the smartband within the Bluetooth connection options. More than anything, so that when we link it again, we have everything ready so that it can work without any problem. Here the problem is that when we want to connect the device to the mobile again and leave it semi-connected, but not linked, the mobile can recognize it, but the Mi Fit account does not or vice versa.

In order to avoid this ‘failure’ we will have to open the Settings> Bluetooth> Paired devices and click on the model of your bracelet to forget it and that the pairing problems are not repeated. In addition to that it is also appropriate that you check if your smartphone has problems with Bluetooth that, obviously, will affect more accessories than this one. Therefore, if after trying to pair the smartband again, the time section works correctly, we already know that the culprit was a bad synchronization between both devices.

Try to reset the bracelet

If at this point you still cannot find the origin of the failure that prevents you from enjoying this feature from your bracelet, it is not yet the time when you should despair. Basically because we still have an ‘ace’ up our sleeve, and that is that you can start from scratch by reinstalling the app that we use to connect to the Xiaomi smartband (eliminating it completely and downloading it again from your application market, and then accessing it with your credentials) and formatting the Mi Band 4, the Mi Band 5 or the newest of all.

However, before formatting it, we will have to unlink it from the phone from the Bluetooth menu of the mobile settings and select the option to forget the Xiaomi bracelet. Now is when we must leave the smartband as fresh out of the box as we have indicated a moment ago and wait for it to restart. To reset the bracelet you will have to enter the ‘More’ menu, select ‘Settings’ and click on the ‘Factory reset’ option. Doing so will tell you that all settings will be reset and you can reconfigure the bracelet as if it were fresh out of its box. At the moment in which both the bracelet and the application have already returned to their original state, we will have to re- synchronize the Mi Band with the Mi Fit .