How to create a split screen effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

When it comes to talking about video editors, it is undeniable that Adobe Premiere is at the head of the most popular and used applications in this section. It is a tool specially designed for professionals who are increasingly entering the domestic sphere. With it we can apply all kinds of filters and video effects, such as the so-called split screen effect, which we are going to talk about next.

One style that we can give to our video is the possibility of dividing the screen into two, three, four or whatever parts we need. Although it seems like an extremely complicated task, it really is not that much and we only need to make a few adjustments from the popular Adobe tool.

create a split screen effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

What is the split screen effect

When we talk about the split screen effect, we are not referring to the possibility of displaying two or more video clips simultaneously on one screen. This type of effect is very popular especially among content creators and marketers, so that they can compare different products on the same screen. For example, when a youtuber makes the same recording with two mobiles at the same time and wants to show the results in parallel in the same image in order to be able to compare the results obtained. It is also useful for showing different shots at one angle at the same time or incorporating more types of materials at the same time.

If we are interested in creating a split-screen video in which both clips can be played simultaneously on the same screen, sharing 50% of the image each, we can do it with the powerful Premiere Pro editor. This Adobe software has all kinds of interactive tools to perform the split screen function. Although it may seem like a difficult mission reserved for more advanced users, the truth is that we can carry it out easily with a few simple steps.

Create a split screen in Premiere

Premiere is a very powerful tool that will allow us to create a video with the screen divided into several parts. To do this, the main thing will be to have the application installed. In order to use it, you will have to pay a subscription of 24.19 euros per month . As a test, we can download a free version for 7 days from this link on its official website .

Once we start it, we must click on the File menu and then click on the Import button. Later we must select the two videos that we want to combine so that they appear on the screen, which should have the same duration and we will start working with the lower track.

Create snippets

Now we must click on the Effects panel and we have to select Crop that we find within the Video Effect and Transform folders. Alternatively we can also type trim in the search box of the effect menu to make it appear. From here we must configure the crop, the position and the scale of the video to obtain the desired proportion. This is something we must do with each added clip.

Premiere escala y posición

Later we must make sure that the videos are distributed equally on the screen by setting the scale of each one to 50%. Keep in mind that the settings will not display the video information correctly, as most objects can be hidden due to the available screen coverage of that 50%. That is why, once this is done, we must adjust the position of each clip to change the preview in a way that helps us align ourselves correctly. To do this, we will play with the Position tool on each of the clips, until both are well centered.

Customize the borders

Now we can add borders between the different sized areas. To do this, click on the New tab and then on Inherited Title. This will open the title editor. With the line tool we can draw along the edges of the clip and adjust the width and color of the edges to our liking. Once finished, we close the title editor and the border will appear on our project, so we just have to drag and drop it on the timeline of the clips.

Premiere editar bordes de los vídeos

Export the video when done

Once we have made the split screen effect we can save the clip. We will do this by clicking on the “File” tab and selecting within its options, that of “Export” and then from its export options we choose “Media”. It is also possible to access it directly by pressing the shortcut “Ctrl + M”.

Premiere ajustes de exportación

Later a new window will open with the “Export settings”. Here we must establish both the desired quality of the video based on the quality of the original video and the location to save the file. We can choose from a wide variety of formats such as AVI, GIF, MPEG4, etc. We can also adjust both the video and audio codecs, as well as the subtitles in case the video includes them. Once everything is ready, we click Export.

Other alternatives to Premire

Alternatively, we can also use other third-party options with which to create the split screen effect if we do not want to use the Adobe application.

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

This useful application has different collage templates with which to create a split screen effect, being able to establish between 2 and 9 windows within the same screen. Along with this, it will allow us to adjust the size of the border, apply video filters, modify the border color, add background audio and even cut out the unwanted part. In addition, in order to improve the quality of the video, we can adjust the video / audio codec, combine videos, etc. We can download a free trial version from its official website . If we wish, the cost of the lifetime license is $ 66.75.

Video Converter Ultimate

This video editor is specially designed for beginners that will allow us to combine up to 13 clips in a split screen video, being able to customize its size. It has up to 24 video presets that can cover most of the editing procedures for divided videos. We can also apply video effects and add background music, as well as improve the quality of the video, change its format or make other changes, being a great alternative to Premiere. We can download a free trial version from the developer’s website. Your license price is currently $ 55.0.