Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro: How to Increase the Screen Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is an attribute that is gaining much importance in high-end mobiles. We must not forget that this trend was born in gaming mobiles such as the Razer, back in 2017, but it is something that all flagships want to boast about. Screen refresh rates of 90 Hz and 120 Hz allow for a smoother experience, although it does have some negative implications, for example on battery life.

The new Redmi K30, which will presumably hit Europe as the Mi 10T, boast a 120Hz refresh rate, something that doesn’t happen with last year’s generation. The Redmi K20 Pro or Mi 9T Pro in Europe, has a refresh rate of only 60 Hz, but luckily, the XDA developer community has managed to raise it to 75 Hz and 81Hz through a modification.

xiaomi mi 9t pro

Before starting

Keep in mind, that although it improves the experience of the screen, the terminal has not been developed for these levels of refreshment, however, it must be each user who decides at their own risk whether or not to decide to try the experience. Keep in mind that you must be a rooot user and follow a series of steps to install the Mod. Also, keep in mind that the difference is not comparable to 90 Hz or 120 Hz screens, but you can see an improvement in the fluidity of navigation or games. However, as with any unofficial modification, risks do exist, including increased battery drain and possible unanticipated damage.

With the above clear, we are going to see step by step how to increase the refresh rate of the M i 9T Pro up to 75 Hz or 81 Hz. These Mods have been tested in Chinese Roms, India and stable, both in Android 10 and in Android 9, so a priori compatibility is guaranteed in almost all models.

Be root

Having our rooted mobile is essential to be able to install these mods and enjoy the new refresh rate. For this we will have to follow the following steps:

  • Activate USB debugging: Settings / Developer options / Click seven times on “Build number”.
  • Within “Developer Options” activate “USB Debugging”
  • Install ADB and Fastboot tools
  • Unlock bootloader: open CMD or PoweShell on computer
  • Connect the mobile to the computer via USB: write the command “adb debices”
  • Restart the terminal with the command “adb reboot bootloader”
  • Write “fastboot oem unlock”
  • Navigate to “Unlock the bootloader” and confirm
  • Now we will only have to use an application such as One Clic Root or Kingo Root, and through the USB cable, activate the rooting process, which will be carried out automatically. When the process ends we will be root and we can continue with our objective.


The first and obligatory step is to make a backup of our mobile with TWRP . For this we will have to have the program installed, something that we can do from here.

We run the ADB tool again and type the command command “adb backup -f <path + name> -twrp <option>”. In the route part we must choose where the backup will be stored, if it is not checked they will go to the default location where ADB is located . In the name, we must choose the one of the backup, for example My 9T Pro 2020. Then we press enter to launch the TWRP backup screen, now we just have to slide the button for the copy to be made.

Tasa refresco mi 9t pro

Install the 75Hz or 81Hz Mod

Now it only remains to install the Mod that will allow us to modify the refresh rate of the screen , for which we will have to follow these steps.