Sound Problems on Huawei Mobile: How to Fix it

Huawei‘s mobiles boast many technical attributes. Sound has become one of them, and a battleground where all manufacturers want to make a difference. However, sometimes problems arise that make the sound experience not what we expect , however, we have within our reach a whole string of possible solutions.

Although in the middle of 2020, it is not difficult to find terminals that have dual speakers with stereo sound and enhancers such as Dolby Atmos , it was not always the case. However, in the era of streaming platforms where services such as Netflix or Spotify provide entertainment to smartphone owners, it is normal that sound plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing the experience.

sound problem huawei phone

Nothing is heard

It is a classic problem, since what today sounded like a thousand wonders suddenly stops sounding. There are several reasons why this happens and there are several solutions that we can implement.

Check speakers

The first step is to check the mobile speakers. Many times dust and dirt make it low . If we detect that they are dirty, we will have to proceed to clean them with great care.

App help

We can also use a special app, some of those available on Google Play, to clean the device. This type of apps what it does is generate the maximum sound from the speaker to generate vibrations that expel the accumulated dust.

Download app to clean the speaker on Google Play

Turn up the volume

It seems obvious, but it is surprising the amount of users that solve their problems when they realize that the sound was at a minimum . This usually occurs when call and multimedia volume controls are confused. On many occasions we believe we are increasing a volume when in fact it is another than our objective

Huawei subir volumen

Do not disturb mode

We will have to make sure that the mobile is not in Do Not Disturb mode. This will cause all notifications and sound from the terminal to be canceled . Therefore, it will not make a sound. On Huawei mobiles we will have access to this mode in the quick options menu, by sliding the top taskbar.

Speaker yes but Bluetooth no

Bluetooth usually generates many headaches in the sound section. Many times the speaker sounds correctly, but it is when we connect a Bluetooth device that we do not get anything to sound. In this case, the best option is to perform a network reset, which in turn will delete all records of Bluetooth connections. To do this we go to Settings / Reset Network Settings. The method is performed in seconds and the problem may very well disappear.

Other options

  • Turn off the mobile and remove the Nano SIM card. Then we put it back inside and turn on the computer again.
  • Deactivate “Bluetooth” and make a test call.
  • Use the phone until it runs out of battery and turns off. Then we must put it to charge, turn it on again when its battery reaches 100%.
  • Make a call with the device turned on in Safe Mode.

huawei y6 audio

Volume is low

It is another of the most common reasons. In other words, the volume has not disappeared but its volume is excessively low . Sometimes it may be that the speaker of our mobile phone does not have enough power, but if it used to shield itself with power and suddenly has stopped, it is clear that we will have a problem.

Remove the cover

It is one of the most common causes. In other words, the user releases a new cover and this is preventing the sound from coming out correctly. This usually occurs in a large majority of cases with the covers made by third parties. Sometimes the holes made to release the sound are not large enough and cause a low sound. Removing the case and trying again is a good way to rule out other problems.

funda huawei

Check the volume

As we have seen previously, we must make sure that the volume is at maximum. If in that case the volume is still low, we will have to go to the next solution.

App to enhance sound

Google Play has a large number of applications designed to increase the volume of our mobile. One of the most popular is GOODEV , which allows us to enhance the sound of our Huawei mobile. For this we will have to download from Google Play. Once inside we will have to modify the volume control bars to our liking, until we reach the desired level.

Download volume booster on Google Play

You can really try a booster app like the Volume Goodev amplifier, but you can greatly improve the sound of your Huawei mobile with a little audio knowledge. For this we can try to navigate the mobile settings in search of the options that help us in our mission.

A malicious app?

It is very common that after downloading a game or application, problems of this type arise. This is due to the permissions granted. If the application is not for an honest purpose, it may interfere with the volume permanently. In this case we will have to take a look at the latest installed apps, in order to intercept the possible causing software. To enter this mode we will have to do the following:

modo seguro android

  • Press the power off button on the phone for a while
  • Wait for shutdown and restart options to appear
  • Hold down the power button for a while until an on-screen pop-up appears
  • Press accept to restart the phone in safe mode

Low quality volume

In this case, the problem is that the mobile does not hear the desired quality. It doesn’t matter if its volume is high, if there is a distortion or metallic sound problem, the experience will be disastrous. Also in this case we have several tools at our fingertips.

Modify settings

Within the EMUI Settings on our Huawei mobile, we will have to enter the Sound and Vibration options. At the bottom we will see a menu that gives access to more sound settings. Here we will look for the option called Stereo + that makes the mobile listen better if we put it in horizontal orientation, something that helps you a lot when you are enjoying music or multimedia content.

sonido huawei

Activate Dolby Atmos

Many Huawei phones are compatible with Dolby Atmos, which improves the sound quality by modifying certain technical parameters. The option is found within the settings menu, in the Sound and Vibration section. Inside we will see the Dolby Atmos option, which allows us to activate three different settings to optimize the sound:

  • Intelligent : optimizes the sound automatically to try to get the right quality at all times
  • Movie – Creates surround sound and keeps voices clear for when you enjoy multi-media content like movies, series or TV shows.
  • Music : in this case, the sound quality will increase when we listen to music, either from services such as Spotify or that downloaded from our terminal.

dolby atmos huawei

With app it also improves

In this case and either because we do not have Dolby Atmos or because it does not work as we want, we can try our luck with any third party app to improve the audio quality. There are countless equalizers that are compatible with our Huawei mobile. Let’s leave you with one of the best, which can be downloaded directly from Google Play. It has options for surround sound and more than 10 predefined equalizers, in addition to the option to modify the sound to our liking.

Download equalizer for Huawei from Google Play