Battery Problems on OPPO Phones: How to Fix it

The battery is one of the most sensitive elements of our mobile. Much of its useful life and its degradation depends on the user’s hand. OPPO phones have the best fast charge on the market, but their batteries are not without problems either, as we will see below.

There are many problems that can occur in the use of batteries. In OPPO mobiles that have these drawbacks, the most common is that the phone stops charging or does it more slowly. In this case and before going to the Technical Service , there are several points that we can review ourselves to rule out guilty parties . OPPO itself recommends taking these points into account, before blaming the battery on the mobile.

OPPO Phones battery

Why is the battery wrong?

Use the original cable

OPPO charging, including fast charging, is one of the best on the market, but we must bear in mind that its performance will be adequate only when we charge the terminal with the original USB adapter and charging cable. Third-party accessories may not be compatible and cause battery problems.

Check damage

Another step is to check that both the charging cable and the USB adapter are not damaged such as breaks or bent tips . If we see something similar, we should not use those accessories and we should try another charging cable and USB adapter, and try again.

Change shot

Another method to check why we have battery problems is to change the wall outlet . When changing the plug we will see if the error lies here. It is very common that strips and extensions have problems after a while.

oppo carga

Check the connection

Similarly, being connected to a wall socket, we have to check whether the connection between the charging cable, the USB wall adapter and the wall socket is tight . If everything is firmly connected, we will have to find another solution.

Check temperature

Lithium batteries are very sensitive to temperature. High temperatures can cause degradation when charged at temperatures above 45 degrees. Also, lower battery life can increase the internal resistance of the battery, resulting in slower charging and longer charging times. To avoid damage, the OPPO smartphone will automatically stop charging at extreme ambient temperatures. This usually happens for example, when playing while the terminal is charging and the ambient temperature is higher, generally in summer.

Close background apps

Applications running in the background can drain the battery many times. To try to increase the performance of the battery or its charging time, it is recommended to close them. For this we touch the menu button and press the “X” to close all applications in the background.

cerrar apps oppo

Do not use while charging

This recommendation is something that is common to all manufacturers including OPPO. Using and charging the phone at the same time means that the charging and discharging effect counteracts, therefore, the charging time is extended. Also, keeping the phone in the state of charging and discharging simultaneously causes degradation of battery performance.

Manage loads

It is not recommended to fully charge or download the mobile. When the battery is fully discharged , it could fall into a deep discharge state, making it unable to hold a charge. On the other hand, if we charge the mobile after it is fully charged for an extended period, the battery may lose capacity, which reduces the battery life.