Xiaomi Mi 9: How to Increase the Screen Brightness

The brightness of our phones is a very important section, which is rarely taken into account in the purchase decision. After acquiring a flagship in which everything should go like silk, surprises may appear, as happens to many owners of the Xiaomi Mi 9 and the brightness of the device . However, there is always something we can do to fix it.

Although the Xiaomi Mi 10 has just been presented, it does not offer excessive improvements in relation to the screen compared to the Mi 9, which remains one of the most powerful Android phones. Recall that the device mounts a 6.35 inch Super AMOLED panel with a resolution reaches 1080 × 2340 pixels (FullHD +), reaching up to 403 pixels per inch.


Brightness too low

Its maximum brightness should not be a problem, since it reaches 600 nits of luminosity, which ensures a good visualization in almost any situation of ambient light, including in the street and in full sunlight. However, there are few users who complain about the low brightness of the Xiaomi Mi 9.

The main cause

Most users have concluded that the big cause is the automatic brightness of the device. For some reason MIUI 11 does not perform the correct management it should, and offers brightness levels that are too low at times when it should be higher. When activated as standard, many users do not fall back on this aspect and blame it on a problem of screen brightness.

desactivar brillo automático mi 9 01

Turn off auto brightness

The solution goes through deactivates the automatic brightness. We can do it from the quick access menu from the navigation bar . It can also be deactivated by going to the Device Settings and entering the Display options. Manual brightness management will allow us to always have the right amount of light on the screen, which also saves battery life.

desactivar brillo automático mi 9

Pending Updates

The second option is to verify that we do not have any pending system updates . During the life cycle of the Mi 9, Xiaomi has released several updates to improve different aspects, including the screen and its performance. It is important to be up to date as it could be a solution to the problem we have in front of our noses. To check it we can go to the Settings menu / System Updates / Check for Updates.

With a third party app

Another option to improve brightness is to install a third-party application. In this case we leave you with Velis Auto Brightness . It is a program developed by the XDA community , which manages the brightness of our terminal intelligently. Leaving the display lighting in the hands of that software will improve the brightness experience as it uses the terminal sensors to determine the light environment.

velis auto brillo

Download Velis Auto Britghness on Google Play