Xiaomi has the perfect option to make videos on TikTok

Xiaomi has a large number of functions and tricks that make your life easier, some of which you do not know and could be very useful in your day to day or things that you usually need. For example, one of its most interesting features for some people will help you improve your TikTok videos.

It is one of the attractions of the Xiaomi customization layer present in Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO mobiles with which you can make short and very surprising videos to later share on your networks.

Xiaomi has the perfect option to make videos on TikTok

What is it and how it works?

It’s called Vlog and it’s a video recording mode with which you can make small videos with different transition effects in a very simple, fast way and with great results. In the mode itself, audio clips and sound effects will be added, combining perfectly with the image changes for an even better result.

Once you are in Vlog mode, it guides you through an easy-to-understand interface so that you can record the small fragments that will later lead to the final video that you can upload to your TikTok account or wherever you want.

VLOG de Xiaomi

Each fragment created will be joined to the next by means of a transition effect, in a very elegant way combining the effects. When everything is complete, you can easily share the high-quality videos you’ve recorded.

Using it is much easier than you think

Entering this mode and recording the contents for your TikTok with the Xiaomi Vlog mode is much easier than you think because it is a function that, although you may not even know about it, you will find it in a short time. Although it is somewhat hidden. In fact, you will quickly get to it. All you have to do is open the camera app as if you were going to take a photo or video. Then click on More and confirm the Vlog option. Only that, there are three simple steps that will take you to this practical tool.

We show you the process to use it step by step:

  1. Open the camera
  2. Move through the menu that is just above the recording option until you reach the end, where it says More
  3. Select Vlog function
  4. Choose an effect or template
  5. make the video
  6. Follow the directions
  7. Start creating your own content and have funVLOG de Xiaomi

By being able to use effects and templates , it will be very easy to create content without having to spend a lot of effort, but with very good results. All our recordings will be combined instantly, so we don’t have to edit them or add music to get an excellent final result. They will be ready to share on our TikTok.

What if it doesn’t appear on my mobile?

First of all, you have to check what the customization layer of your smartphone is, since it is a functionality that started in MIUI 12 , so you have to make sure that your phone has this version or a higher one, like MIUI 13. Check the version you have and update if necessary. In any case, you should know that it is not an active option in all of the brand’s smartphones, it is focused on many mid-range or high-end models.


If you have done everything and cannot find it, it is possible that this function has not yet been released on your mobile, so you should wait for Xiaomi to finally implement it on your model or, if you already need a change, consider buying a model latest from the brand.