Deeply customize your Samsung Galaxy with icon packs

Personalization is one of the most interesting aspects within the Android operating system and Samsung is one of the brands that exploits this feature the most. Since the arrival of One UI 4 of the customization layer, the mobiles of the South Korean company have permission to download and install icon packs that completely revolutionize the interface of the device.

This is coupled with the possibility of changing the theme of the phone to offer the user the option of having a unique smartphone in every way. However, many were unaware of the arrival of this novelty with the previous update, so it should be explained carefully so that everyone can take advantage of it.

Deeply customize your Samsung Galaxy with icon packs

Your mobile with style in a few quick steps

The truth is that the option to install an icon pack on your Samsung Galaxy from the Play Store has always been there. The inconvenience that it has since presented is that it was mandatory to use a third-party launcher, since One UI was previously incompatible with this property. The foldables of the last generation, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Fold 3, were the first to boast this quality and with the arrival of the new One UI 4 version it was extrapolated to the rest of the models.

Personalizar iconos de los Samsung Galaxy

Be careful, because the steps to download an icon pack are not as simple as they seem. The installation is not done directly, but requires an application within Samsung’s own Good Lock system. The app in question that provides a greater degree of customization is called Theme Park.

So, if you have a Samsung Galaxy with the One UI 4 version of the layer, we are going to teach you how to apply the icon packs that you have previously downloaded. Follow these steps to the letter and soon you will be able to change the interface of your mobile:

  1. If you don’t have the Good Lock app on your Samsung Galaxy, download it from the Galaxy Store.
  2. Open the app and go to the “Family” section and install the “Theme Park” program.
  3. When the installation process is finished, open “Theme Park” and accept the necessary permissions for its operation.
  4. Tap on the “Icon” tab at the bottom of the screen and select “Create new”.
  5. Click on the “Iconpack” button that appears in the upper area in the center.
  6. All installed icon packs will appear here. By clicking on them, they will be applied instantly. Note, you can also download new ones through “Download”.
  7. To finish and save the changes, the first thing to do is click on the download icon and give it a name. Then, find the theme you just created and click “Apply” to apply the theme to your Samsung Galaxy.

Personalizar iconos con temas Samsung Galaxy

In addition to the above, during the process of creating your theme, you will also be able to modify the size and shape of the icons as you wish. Now that you know how to download and install icon packs, it’s time to unleash your creativity and fully customize your Samsung Galaxy.