The Xiaomi Community Considers Leaving Android for HarmonyOS

The veto imposed by the United States caused Huawei to have to move and present HarmonyOS as an operating system, which by next year 2021 will begin to work on the company’s own mobiles. However, this new operating system is raising expectations among users of its direct rival Xiaomi, opening the possibility to change Android for HarmonyOS on devices.

Xiaomi Community Considers Leaving Android for HarmonyOS

The Xiaomi community has anticipated us on numerous occasions launches, updates, functions and who knows if they have also just anticipated a change that would be unexpected. One of the most prominent moderators of the forum has left the question in the air about the possibility of changing Xiaomi’s operating system and to everyone’s surprise, the vast majority welcome changing for various reasons.

Reasons to switch Android to HarmonyOS

The answers that have been given as an explanation to the vote where HarmonyOS is preferred in Xiaomi by each user is not wasted and they let us see how the community has sided with Huawei in this commercial war. The innate presence of Google in the technology market does not seem to convince many users and the monopoly that both Apple and Google would be forming invites users to opt for emerging options.

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In the answers we find reasons based on data security in favor of HarmonyOS , to the surprise of Donald Trump and the support of the moderator himself for the problems that Android has given since its inception on Xiaomi phones. The union of Huawei companies and especially Xiaomi with its various brands, would be, as users say in the forum, a good move in search of alternatives to everything we already know. What users do not forget is the updates and they ask that in case of such a change, they do not forget the mid-range and entry-level smartphones. Another option that has appeared on the scene and which many users support in the comments is to create the operating system itself.

Could MIUI continue to exist alongside HarmonyOS?


Although this survey only makes us dream of future possibilities, just as MIUI exists on Android, it could also do so on HarmonyOS. The developers would have to adapt it so that its aesthetics and functions are still present but for the user it would be something very similar. For Xiaomi to forget about MIUI is considered a crazy option, which forum users do not want due to the large number of options that MIUI adds in customization and functions.