Xiaomi Announces that the Mi Mix 4 Will be a Reality Soon

Xiaomi‘s co-founder and CEO Lei Jun has just made some statements about the company’s future plans. Before his commemorative speech that will celebrate the tenth anniversary of Xiaomi, the manager visited the Chinese social network Weibo to give interesting news to fans of one of the manufacturer’s most innovative families: the Mi Mix series .

Mi Mix Alpha

Since we have not heard from new members of the family, many users wonder if we will see a new mobile from the Mi Mix series and, above all, what has happened to the mass marketing of the Mi Mix Alpha, the brand’s amazing phone with a flexible screen.

At this point, we have bad news and good news. Let’s start with the worst.

Goodbye to the Mi Mix Alpha mi mix alpha

Sadly, we’re not going to see the brand’s amazing “all-screen” smartphone hit the market. Jun put an end to all speculation about the Mi Mix Alpha by stating that this phone model has never ceased to be a research project that has been successfully concluded. The firm’s chief executive admitted that the ambitious 360-degree display phone was too difficult to mass-produce, so the company dropped the idea and decided to focus on a next-generation Mi Mix phone.

Hello to a new Xiaomi Mi Mix

mi mix 3

Here is the good news. Although in the past we have been many who have given up the Mi Mix family, Jun confirmed that Xiaomi is working on a new phone in the series that has become famous for presenting the full screen format in different versions. He said that Xiaomi’s series represents its major breakthroughs in cutting-edge technology and that fans who have high expectations for it can expect great things from that hypothetical Mi Mix 4 .

However, he also said that the next generation of Mi Mix would take some time to reach the market, so we do not expect to see a new phone in the series this year.

A leak that appeared on the Internet months ago suggested that Xiaomi is making full progress with the Mi Mix 4, a smartphone whose development is carried out by the company’s marketing director, Yang Zhe. Rumors surrounding this new model suggest that the mobile will feature a 120Hz curved screen and 40W fast charging technology.