Xiaomi: How to Activate Mono Audio in MIUI 11 and What is it for

The audio of our mobile is a very important section to be able to enjoy music or videos. In addition, many of the high-end and mid-range mobiles include stereo speakers to enhance this experience when we do not use headphones. Most of the content created is stereo, but Xiaomi phones with MIUI have a special function to enable a “mono” mode , but what is the point?

Xiaomi: Activate Mono Audio in MIUI 11

Sound technology is more than present in our mobiles. We are living in an age where audio and video content from streaming services are experiencing a sweet moment, and where image quality is not all that should prevail. Good sound is essential to complete the experience, and for this reason additional functions such as Dolby Atmos and the like are added.

What is it useful to use it for?

But having a stereo audio that allows listening with the highest quality, who would want to put a function to activate mono audio. Well, Xiaomi mobiles integrate this function because it is very useful in different circumstances, including helping people with hearing problems, since it is a function present in the accessibility options.

What mono sound activation does is to concentrate the audio in a headset, in this way we can listen to the sounds through a single channel, but without losing any element of the audio. This is also very useful when sharing headphones and both people need to hear the same thing. Many of the sounds are divided between left and right depending on how the author thinks they should sound, but this way all these nuances will sound in one channel. In this sense, the audio will lack the spatial sensation that stereophonic listening provides.

audio mono en Xiaomi

Many users use this mode as a trick to boost certain sounds , although it is also valid for various audio tests. In the fashion of Bluetooth headphones, this is a very useful feature when the user just wants to put on one headset and have the other ear alert.

How the function is activated

In order to activate this function in MIUI 11 we enter Settings / Additional Settings / Accessibility. Now we will only have to look for the Audio in Mono option and click on the switch to activate it. There is a faster method to get to the function, which is searching for “Mono Audio” in the options search drawer, which will take us directly to the menu to activate it.