Turn Your Google Pixel into a Nest Hub with the Pixel Stand

Turn Google Pixel into a Nest Hub

Apple’s software and hardware control has its positive and negative side, yet it always ends up being one of the most valued things of the brand. However, we tend to forget that there are other companies that do very interesting things. One of them is Google and its Google Pixel Stand , possibly the best wireless charging base.

Turn your Pixel into a Nest Hub

Google’s wireless charging base is not an ordinary base like the vast majority of options on the market, hence its price of 79 euros. Therefore, despite not being a multiple wireless charging base if you go to see in detail what it offers, you realize that there is much more than a simple charging system compatible with the Qi standard.

This particular base or Qi charging stand offers a series of additional advantages that improve the user experience. Of course, they only work with Pixel terminals ( Pixel 3, 3 XL, Pixel 4, 4 XL, Pixel 4a, the last one you can buy because the new Pixel 5 will not arrive in Spain). But what are these options really, let’s see.

Thanks to its internal software, the base is able to function as a routine trigger on Pixel phones. Thus, for example, you can schedule at certain times the terminal wakes you up with an alarm and even turns on the house lights while displaying a personalized interface. It also helps you when it comes to giving you a summary of your schedule, traffic information if you work outside and even the latest news. Or activate do not disturb mode when you get to bed at night, put down the phone, and get ready to go to sleep.

Very well, according to that idea that we can do all this without having to have such a base, but now it has been updated again and gives the option of converting the Pixel into a home automation control station like the Nets Hub as soon as it rests. On the base. And of course, this can be very useful in a wide variety of situations such as when you get to work, home after being out all day or back to bed to sleep.

To activate this new option, in addition to meeting the requirements of having a Pixel and the base itself, all you have to do is update the base software. Yes, you heard right, update the software of the Google Pixel Stand itself. To do this, make sure you are already on the latest version of Android 11 . Now go to settings and then to connected devices.

In this section you will see the Pixel Stand. If you give the icon that gives access to its configuration, you will see all the options that we gave you before, plus a new one referring to Home Control . When you select it, a selector will appear to activate or not its use and then the possibility of adding all the compatible devices you have.

Once you have done everything, and after updating the base that you should have skipped, you will see on the screen a series of buttons with which you can control the home automation . For example, to turn on the lights or perform other actions with your smart home devices.

Smartphone manufacturers boost their ecosystems

Mejores cargadores inalámbricos

Seeing options like this of the Google Pixel and its Pixel Stand or Apple’s own it is curious that the rest of the manufacturer does not do anything similar being able. And it is not something that all terminals and brands have to reach, but there are some like Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus or similar that could.

Details of this kind would add value to your product ecosystem and the user himself would also value what his products offer more. Something that in the case of manufacturers of Android terminals would be much more important to retain the user with their own devices.

It is true that with some third-party applications and simple NFC tags many actions can be automated, but those software details make a difference. So, hopefully all of these brands start to realize the value of user experience and empower their own ecosystems.