Samsung: How to Mute Calls by Flipping the Mobile in One UI

Our mobile can have more or fewer functions, depending on the settings that each manufacturer integrates in their customization layers. Google puts the tools, but the different ones tune Android to their liking and that is where the battle of the customization layers lies. Samsung mobiles move with OneUI, which integrates a large number of options to make things easier for us. One of them allows you to silence calls in the simplest and fastest way possible.

Samsung: Mute Calls by Flipping Mobile

Many of these functions are born to manage the flames and some are more or less hidden. We have previously shown you the best way to silence all the sounds of a Samsung mobile. Today however, we will tell you about a function that is not hidden, but it is less known by most users, as it is somewhat hidden and does not come activated as standard.

Mute calls by hand or by turning the phone upside down

This function allows you to silence incoming calls quickly, putting your hands on the screen or turning the mobile upside down. This function makes use of the gyroscope of the device to detect the position of the device and to activate the function. This means that the feature is compatible with a large number of devices, including the entry-level and mid-range of the Galaxy A series, and of course Samsung’s large high-end of the Galaxy S and Galaxy M families.

silencio rápido en samsung

Activate in “Advanced Features”

In order to activate the function, we must slide a finger up or down to access the applications screen. Then we enter Settings and scroll to the bottom of the screen to see more options. Then we touch on Advanced functions and enter Movements and gestures. Finally we will have to touch on Quick Mute and slide the switch to activate the function.

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Two ways to mute calls

Now, our mobile will be ready to be able to silence calls through two options. With the first one, just put your hands above the screen . This function is ideal to silence a call when the mobile is on the table face up, so we will not have to pick it up to touch the mute key. With the second it is enough to put the mobile upside down. If the call comes in and our mobile is already upside down, we will have to turn it up and turn it over again.